Cinema 4D Tutorial – How to make a landscape with Octane Displacement

I show a flexible way to create a mountain or cave landscapes with Cinema 4D and Otoy Octane displacement to get atmospheric results.

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neoqueto says:

Do Octane Scatter and Displacement perform calculations on the GPU or the CPU?

Will Davies says:

I’m getting some blue static on the wall, especially when I go to the node editor and turn up the settings on the displacement?

Neagu Andrei Ciprian says:

Why the heck you guys don’t put the final result?

Sunbok Lee says:

Hi, Rhett.

Your Daily Visual Diary: address is wrong.

I like your work.

ZzzZZzz zZZzzz says:

Hey Thanks for sharing this. I wonder what are your PC specs?

Mako 44 says:

Thank you so much for this fantastic tutorial! By the way, I just merged the .obj file into the scene, and they were all small, and not giant. Then I eliminated the rest, and kept only Phil……cheers!

lucy hale says:

amazing tutorial,thx!

Ben Dosage says:

Cool tut…. though pretty bored of the tiny guy , big sphere meme in c4d at the moment hahah

Mahir Can Küçük says:

Can you make a Retrowave city? There is a project that I am looking to hire a Cinema 4D designer.
A project like this, but it has to include specific landmarks:
Thank you!

Antby stuff says:

Super useful! Thanks!)

Zs T says:

Cooooool, Thaks a lot

suppper Great*****

Nikita Polukarov says:

nice tut! continue making the stuff 🙂

WellKnownSin says:

superb tutorial. thank you very much for that.

Борис Борис says:

where is links for resources ?

Ali Qaiser says:

plz soething more like this

Илья Гаврилов says:

awesome tutorial!

Foulwin says:

Great job

Navoda Maduwantha says:

Cool tutorial , is there a reason to use reflective sphere ?

Arijeet Bhattacharya says:

we want more tutorials like these (and the rock cave one) in just under an hour you create such amazing stuff, and make these so easy, no one would say that this is so easy by looking at the end result

Akbalaak says:

what are your octane settings ?

Ярослав Шум says:

Tnx a lot!
Cinema 4D and little bit of PS

Ярослав Шум says:

no reacting mnaah

Zossua says:

I dont have Octane?? Do i need it – its so expensive

IvXy AkramD ✔ says:


Tirtharaj Paul says:

I can’t find the object properties anywhere and can’t change any of the segments. Help

mahmoud abdelhady says:

Thanks for sharing Rhett , can you share characters you use please ?

John Fearn says:

Hi, Great tutorial but i’m new to c4d and when i try and get the landscape to follow the curve/ err “spline” it seems to twist, like there’s a rotation i need to zero out – I tried a few things like trying it horizontal with new curve, also noticed the box with +y -y +x -x etc but still wasn’t correct…any ideas?

TheWolfPhotoandFilm says:

Wow, I Iove your style (Fc from Bangkok)

JJ CHEN says:


Steven Cai says:

Thanks for sharing this TUT!

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