Cinema 4D Tutorial – How to Make a Realistic Plastic Vinyl Toy Texture

In this Cinema 4D tutorial, I show you how you can create plastic vinyl toy textures as well as how to then light and render your vinyl toys realistically.

Watch how to create vinyl toy textures using Octane Render:

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:
In this Cinema 4D tutorial, EJ Hassenfratz shows you how to create vinyl toy textures inside of Cinema 4D. We’ll then light the scene from scratch and adjust render settings to get a nice realistic render. This tutorial is beginners and advanced users who have experience in Cinema 4D.

If you have any questions about creating plastic vinyl textures in Cinema 4D, post them in the comments section!  If you created any cool vinyl toy renders using this workflow, be sure to share it with me Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or in the Comments!  Thanks for watching!

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Dina Alaa says:

Really good tutorial
am new on c4d and i didn’t get the Fresnel part i saw its effect but didn’t get how it work .. thnx a lot

Sean Vickery says:

Yeah to octane!

Saqib Hussain says:

please make tutorial on ARNOLD
make it easy to use

billthomas Flo says:

How do you make the donut guy ?

胡布斯 says:

good ’

Amine Khouni says:

Your work is great! Thanks for sharing! Loving it !

Brendan James says:

Octane Please!

haoyuan says:


Rarirama says:

Did you make that donut in C4D? I’m a Maya user and since I want to work with mograph I’m trying C4D, but I find its modelling tools a bit weird. Is importing models from Maya a common workflow or should I just get over it and pratice more?

sevixtas says:


Canonic Igor says:

Octane please!

Creative Allies says:

Great tutorial EJ…thannx a bunch…(by the way I am from Papua New Guinea)

Arash Seyedi says:

Thanks EJ that was great as usual 🙂
Any chance we can request for a specific type of tutorial ?

Wessel van Wegen says:

Thanks EJ, awesome as always! Keep up the great work and I’m really looking forward to the octane version and the modelling tutorial as well! All the best!

Verica Lovcevic says:

great tutorial..thanks

moosetelling says:

Octane please

Well Jr says:

Here it is! 😀

Shi Phm says:

Learn a lot of lightning position in this tutorial. Thanks you ;))

Rascunho says:

It´s cool, good render

amstrad79b says:

Physical FTW!!! Not Octane!

breakster says:

Good day EJ,

Yes a octane version will be cool. Are you able to do another regarding octane multi pass + object buffer? Which items to check for a general AE composition with octane. Thank you and always love your tutorials. 🙂

sebastian veloz says:

hey @eyedesyn EJ can you explain how to have the endless color background? thanks!

Martin Speidel says:

Octaaaane please!

Agni Sen says:

Hey man, excellent descriptive tutorial. I just want some help with modelling the hands in such cartoonish style. The ones I tried didn’t have this smoothness. I am a beginner in C4D so probably facing a bit of trouble modelling in C4D after working on Maya.

TulioSounds says:

especially a comparison between octane and c4d would be nice.

Samuel James says:

Regarding the donut model itself, is the pink icing a separate object mapped on and how is this done? I am currently learning C4D and now diving into modeling but this is my stumbling block. Love your channel and your work!!

cesar piette says:

great tuto, this channel is a must, I switched from blender to C4D because of you:)!   My only “problem” is that I only get body sculpt and v ray…:( I added texture,  fresnel, specular, GI… I didn’t find something like the “PET” preset, and this visibility in the reflection of the object… Any advices for vray to get this?? thanks in advance man!


donut tutorial modeling please

Jose Chambrot says:

Octane PLEASE!

Karol Owsianko says:

Octane willbe nice

KasperG says:

Octane, hell yeah!

Arundev Arundev says:

Thank a lot…

Abanoub Nasr says:

Thank you 🙂

Jerome Mariotti says:

Cool !

Jamie Rathbone says:

Really really nice stuff man! Appreciate these lighting/texturing tuts, they’re really helping me out!

C4Dlab says:

Octane please!

黃靖傑 says:

Can I get the information about how or where to get the fingerprint texture photo?

고준영 says:

Octane pleass! thank you EJ!

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