Cinema 4D Tutorial – How to make a Sorbet Tumor with Octane Render texture

Download Free Acrylic Paint Textures here:
Lighting Setup Tutorial:

Using Cinema 4D’s soft body dynamics, force dynamic simulation with textures and render in Octane Render, you too can make abstract art that resembles a sorbet tumor.

You should get that looked at.

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Shivam Sharma says:

Thanks. I love your octane tutorials!

Shivam Sharma says:

+1 for tutorial on the custom octane light studio!

Michael Perez says:

Would SUPER appreciate that studio lighting tutorial!

SpreadWealth says:

Hey there, thanks for this awesome tutorial!

I have a question / problem though: Whenever I try to get a good Structure Setup with Spheres and Torus’ (damn what is the plural xD) the forms of the collided forms aren’t as smooth as yours, it gets all jittery and clumsy when they intersect and I don’t get a smooth shadow etc.

I already tried to up the segment count of the individual shapes, but that doesn’t seem to do the job. I also tried playing for hours with the initial positions of the shapes, but it is still the same, any idea?

Juanma Solís says:

why you change the type of the sphere for icosahedron???

Antonio Vc says:

Thanks for the tutorial! keep up the good work!

Guillermo Coppini Richmond says:

octane render exist for iMac ???

Alexandre Parageaud says:

Awesome, please keep doing octane tuts 🙂

Teema Keroppi says:

good tutorial but you’re not a good narrator, something about the way you talk screams “I’m not confident, people will judge me”. I don’t really mind, than you for the tutorial I’ve learned a lot.

DAZE says:

very usefull tutorial!! thanks for share

Alexandra Karlsson says:

Thank you for this!

Юля Кириченко says:

Awesome! Tnx~

yehezkiel niw says:

thankyou 🙂

chris lastufka says:

Hey Rhett, great tutorial! I’ve started learning C4D and am wondering if you know of any good free rendering plugins?

I would prefer to use Octane but my iMac doesn’t have a Nvidia graphics card. Any suggestions on how I can achieve a similar result with a free render plugin or something that will work on an AMD iMac (even if I have to pay or demo it)?

Keep up the awesome tutorials, they are exceedingly more effective than many others who over-explain things and move extremely slow through a project. You keep it swift and accurate for entrepreneurs/professionals who need to manage their time/value.


commish74 says:

Great tips! Wondering if there’s a way to make the new geometry editable? Seems every time I try, they go back to their rudimentary shapes…

燒肉放題 says:


Nikon Basu says:

hi, how would you do the textures procedurally and animate ?

Wazowski Edits says:

Studio lighting tutorial would be nice 😉

batu cologlu says:

Such a time waster, 06:37 using own pre made lighting 13:00 using PREMADE own texture (which is most important part)

Artwork is really nice but tutorial is total waste of time , dont watch

Ron G says:

Not gonna lie, its very difficult to follow along if you’re somewhat starting out on c4d. Dont get me wrong! its a great tutorial. Just the fact that there is no octane lighting kit download makes it super difficult to replicate the lighting, camera and settings. Been struggling with it for over 4hrs and i give up :p

Future MFX says:

5:13 that sound’s like ugandan knuckles’ click sound XD

:: k48p :www says:

First of all, amazing video! your tutorials are so clear and are some of the best on youtube.

I have a question, how come when I try to use cylinders with softbody or (anything around this shape) it doesn’t work? the tops of the cylinders pop off. Do you know if there’s a fix for this?

keep up the great work!

White FISH says:

Something that is necessary. Well done. Good job. Still make great video Octane Render )))

Stewart Rosburg says:

Thumbs up for the ending, “mmm, art”.

micemincer says:

THX for the tutorial.

Lobsterlex says:

Awesome man, great explanation

Julia - The Branding Girl says:

Any idea of the Arnold workflow for displacement? 🙁

mohammad hassan says:

very smart, dude, can you teach us how we make action figure like a clip of Major Lazer – Light it Up song

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