Cinema 4D Tutorial – Intro to Cinema 4D R19 ProRender

Learn all about Cinema 4D R19 ProRender, the brand new Open CL based GPU rendering solution built into C4D R19, discover it’s strengths and weaknesses and if it’s right for you!

How to Use an Object as a Light Source in Cinema 4D:

David Ariew’s 2017 Siggraph Presentation on Digital Cinematography:

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:
In this Cinema 4D tutorial, EJ Hassenfratz covers the basics of Cinema 4D R19 Prorender, Physical Based Lighting and Rendering, and if Prorender is right for you. This tutorial is geared toward beginners with previous knowledge of Cinema 4D and Physical and Standard Render.

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Thomas Kilburn says:

Great tutorial as always, EJ!

Outlaws Arts says:

Damn I’m early

pop202 says:

ProRender is very cute

Chosen Idea says:

Maybe Maxon will really embrace the present with a node based material editor for R20. Thanks for another great vid EJ.

PushMyCarr says:

So if ProRender is not for animation yet, will it be in future? Also are Arnold and Octane fast enough for animation (probably are)? Sorry, I only use standard for my motion graphics so I don’t know.

pixelasm says:

11:44 I thought you were on the #Octane train too? What about a workstation with NVIDIA cards? For what I have heard ProRender should work with NVIDIA cards too, due to OpenCL. But I can not recall anyone actually trying it out …

noneedforaname says:

How much slower is it compared to Octane?

Schlomo37 says:

It’s like a Baby-Octane. Thank you for the tutorial.. but this really does not look production ready yet.

Bartolomeu Rodrigues says:

Nice tutorial.
Does the Prorender works with Nvidia, CUDA based GPU’s, or just AMD cards?

CungHoc DoHoa says:

how to modeling.?

sergiomarchelli says:

How fast are your dual Radeon when using ProRenderer on the Trashcan?

gmdzn. says:

so nice

Gregor Mima says:

Yeah nice, still abit too late. The future is Unreal Realtime.

Alex Alexov says:


Steve Wipix says:

can you please share the project file?

Outlaws Arts says:

Make a tutorial on how to make that model please it would really help

Oxatium says:

Where’s your dog? 😀

Karun gany says:

So basically, “Cycles” in C4D…

Alex Z. ~ Hypnos says:

This looks so fresh! Cannot wait to see what can I do with this… Can you make a deep tutorial showing how to create complex materials in C4D?

Jason Jantzen says:

Mathias talked about ProRender last night at the Roadshow meetup in Seattle and the big question was how it stacks up with Octane speed wise. I see now from your overview and the comments that it’s still got some work needed to get there. Thanks for doing the tests and putting this together EJ!

Jeroen Beltman says:

Question. You say ProRender is not very good for animation. OK. But you then twitch and tweek until you are satisfied with the look and feel in ProRender… How the hack can you quickly transfer those settings to the standard Physical Render to get the same results in animation? I don’t wanna waste valuable time on a project.

matty2048 says:

also in pro render the variation shader doesnt work for some reason ;-;

jeffhaf1 says:

looks bad.. real bad. AMD is usually disappointing when it comes to GPU. It’s laughable Apple still decides to use that second rate GPU in its “workstations”. Nvidia is where it’s at.. Octane, Redshift, Vray (especially 3.6 with hybrid CPU/GPU rendering) is the way to go… and if you can swing having a beast PC, even better than a Mac with a dongle full of external cards.

Ki Hong says:

Yay, something about ProRender for C4D, finally! Quality tutorial as always. Love your passionate tone, drives the whole tutorial much more interesting. Thank you!

Mohamed Bleblu says:


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