Cinema 4D Tutorial – Intro to Mechanical IK Rigging

In this tutorial you’ll get an intro to Mechanical IK rigging and animating in Cinema 4D as well as learning to add springy type movements using Constraint Tags!

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Intro to Mechanical IK Rigging in Cinema 4D Topics Include:
• The differences between FK (Forward Kinematics) and IK (Inverse Kinematics)
• Setting up the correct object hierarchy for rigging
• Introduction to the IK Tag and IK Goals & Poles
• Learning about Freeze Transformations & Reset PSR
• Using the Constraint Tag ‘Up Vector’ option
• Utilizing the Protection Tag to prevent unwanted movements
• Animating springy movement using the Constraint Tag ‘Spring’ option

If you have any questions about Mechanical IK Rigging in Cinema 4D, post them in the comments section! If you create anything using this technique, be sure to share it with me!

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浪客 EX says:

At the same time I also like the stool you designed…666666

malik sharif says:

thank you for this tutorial, I have a question how do you setup the lighting

Mike Petersen says:

Hi EJ – I’m stuck at 16:00. The constraint tag isn’t keeping the top disc from rotating. If you could look at my setup, that would be appreciated. (file deleted)

EDIT: I figured it out! The axis was different from your hinge3-hand so I rotated it 90º on the Y and it works now. I also put a protection tag on the goal to lock the X position.

Greg Flint says:


Squeezd says:

First time that I understand how inverse kinematics work. You make it look very simple! Thank you!

McKellan JS says:

I’d never heard of this! Thanks this is eyeopening

Halil Türker says:

Thank you. But I could not understand a point. Constraint Tag / Up Vector which object was assigned.

Kenedy Torcatt says:

This is AMAZING!

Alexandr Blanco says:

Hi EJ , i follow step by steps and when i apply Constaint tag and turn on “UP” my my Hinge 3 hand automatically rotate to another axis, i choose different axis in UP-Vector settings, but nothing happes.

Thanks a lot for your videos !

威威 Master says:

follow the tutorial step by a lot.thank you!

BirdyStudio says:

very nice tutorial as always , can you do tutorial for wood circular intersections , iam not sure about the correct name but its very popular style these days , like this guy

Hemanth Kumar JM says:

Great to learn about the constrain tag’s spring option! Thankyou!

Art Freak says:

thank you EJ for this awesome and easy tutorial, could you maybe do some more advanced mechanical rigging in the future , i know there are tons of tutorials out there for this kind of thing, but i just love your tutorials.

king mansa says:

Bro, thanks for this

Drew Tree says:

Круто! Спасибо мужик) Позитивно интересно полезно.

M Parsons says:

This is so awesome, EJ thanks very much for this! Was racking my brain to try and figure out how to do this in our studio for a client. You helped us out heaps!

Sk Thoth says:

Thanks! Always good to review the IK system. I especially loved the spring constraint which for some reason I’ve never used. Yes, more IK!

Oziee says:

I love your rigging tutorials, nice work!!

Youssef Magdi says:

very interesting intro

Brendan Piercey says:

great video. well done!

Pieminator says:

That ‘Constraint – Spring’ Trick is a huge life (and time) saver, thanks for another awesome tutorial!

Ahmed Amar says:

Hi EJ, Thank you for the tutorial. I felt the subject a bit heavy could you please recommend another tutorial for me.
thank you my friend.

Mr Carter says:

More Pls!

Enrique Guillamon says:

Great Tips!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us!! 😀

yuyang mei says:

I just tried the identical process but it seems to not work when i gave it the constraint tag and I just want to ask if it’s necessary to reset the position of the object before doing it.

Mike Petersen says:

You said you wanted to see it so here it is. I added SFX just for fun. (Not sure why the marble is animating on the top disc as it moves, it’s a GSG texture)

Exotic Butters says:

Thanks EJ for this great tutorial! Could you do a tutorial about rigging with bones? Also, how do  we set the axis point from local to global(how will be the axis point in a fixed rotation rather than following the object’s rotation)?

Ridzwan Sakamat says:

Nice tutorial EJ ! btw, how you get soft color and what type of render do you use?

TWNST LBC2 says:

shift+c axis center is my favorite but thanks for this video

Anastasia LV says:

Thank you!!

Arash Seyedi says:

I just simply enjoy watching your tutorials man 😀

If you don’t mind, can you please take a look at this post from Insydium’s reel

How to get that moving light through the splines!!


John Macdonald says:

Another quality tutorial, you have taught me so much E.J, thank you.

Ki Hong says:

the best cinema 4d tutorial on youtube. i cannot emphasize my gratitude enough for offering these free resources of learning new things, you are awesome!

Ding Ding says:

thank you EJ~

Ash Choudhary says:

amazing tutorial, helped me up with my project. I see you mis-spelled Forward though :P. Most helping C4D tutorials can be found only on this channel.

Aristeo Lugo says:

Wow! a really cool tutorial, thanks EJ !

MichalFryzlewicz says:

I just found your channel! really helpful 🙂

andrearusky says:

Very nice!! I didn’t know about that Constraint Spring mode! Really useful! I always missed something like that (like the overshoot expressions in After Effects!) Thanks a lot!!

Loop TV says:

when i consterint with up vector its dous not work. then i use aim constraint in y axis. its work wery well. sorry for my english

DigitalRandomArt says:

eyedesyn is the only tutorial channel with real quality

Dave Joly says:

Excellent tutorial, EJ.. That constraint tag is a handy little devil.

付岩 says:

Thanks for your tutorial . And do you have the other videos show how to render this style of the screenshot pic

The Warlock says:

finally!!, this kind of tutorials are very rare to find. Thank you very much man 😀

Matt says:

What lightroom set up are you using? Looks really nice

Noah Woode says:

how can i bake the motion caused by the constraint tag?

Ka Lin says:

Hi EJ, thank you for the awesome tutorial. I’m trying to make a pantograph which is a group of this thing (the shape is like XXXXX), but I failed. How to make the end screw affect every screw before it? I guess it’s the hierarchy thing and I tried various of hierarchy ways, but I just can’t figure it out. Thanks!

Julianne Garcia says:

thank you x all with my heart <3

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