Cinema 4D Tutorial – Intro to the Correction Deformer

Learn all about the powerful and versatile Cinema 4D Correction Deformer and the many ways you can use it to improve and speed up your workflow in Cinema 4D!

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:
In this Cinema 4D tutorial, EJ Hassenfratz shows you the many ways you can enhance your workflow by using the Correction Deformer. This tutorial is geared toward beginners with previous knowledge of Cinema 4D and basic understanding of modeling and deformers.

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Michaela Mckone says:

Love this new tip!

Alf Gunnar Johansen says:

THIS! This is what my life was missing. Thanks EJ, for all your incredibly helpful tutorials!

Yusef Najafi says:

Is this possible on 18 as well? I cannot select the edges of a  cube with a Correction deformer (tried clicking on both, and in edge mode)

Ian Mann says:

Honestly had no idea about this! Thank you so much, great tutorial as always

Chris Crocker says:

EJ I’m on Cinema 4D R18 and can’t get it to work using the helix, circle sweep you demonstrated. Gone over the video multiple times to match up my settings to your’s. I can’t select points or polygons and my viewport gets extremely slow. It’s not a density problem because even with the helix points to a very low number the problem persists. Is it just because I’m not in R19? I don’t remember you mentioning this was a new version only feature. Any help would be appreciated. And thanks for the excellent content!

Phil Bao says:

Never thought about the primary object can be edited at point level. New trick to me. Thanks EJ!

Pieminator says:

Correction is one of those Deformers that you look at it once, have no idea what it does and then move on.
I’m really glad you made a tutorial about it since it looks EXTREMELY useful, thanks a lot!

1NE says:

nice tutorial! I just tried it. I did loop selection of helix and put it in matrix and restrict it to polys and then traced it so this way u get dynamic splines that can change and be sweeped and they stay in generators. I did sweep with rectangle and animate rotation of helix but for some reason after all this picture doesnt render in picture viewer only in render preview. But thanks for this tutorial i’d like to see more on deformers!

Birju Raikwar says:

Another Bad-ass tool… Kudos to your Research & Development..
Hail EJ..

giannis stathopoulos says:

good stuff man. Thanks for spreading the knowledge

IKB 79 says:

amazing. for some reason this is more mind-blowing to me than anything c4d-related i’ve seen so far

der moglii says:

you explained this one fantastic ! thanks bro !

gmdzn. says:

nice dady 😉

Husam Al Asadi says:

Love it

Michael Biebl says:

your tuturials always were great, but lately even more! great stuff! love to see more workflow related things 😀

Dean Mellis says:

Thanks for explaining this.

I had an impossible time trying to set up the Shear and Jiggle deformers to act the way your setup did. Could you explain your falloff? Which deformer had it? When I tried it, the shear deformer did nothing. I think because your curvature is set to 0. If you are using a falloff on the Shear, wouldn’t you have to move it out of the cube hierarchy so the fall off would be outside of the cube vicinity to start and end up within the Shear’s falloff? I know deformers are supposed to be easy but the orientation is frequently counterintuitive.

Gabriel Perez says:

I realized that once you put the correction tag on the object it shows all the points in the “structure” tab. Great for rigging things up in xpresso.

Henrique Vieira says:

Hi EJ !
Once again : thank you for your wonderful work !
I was wondering… With all the flat look you ve being working with (only luminance channel at 100%, etc.)… How could we etablish a bridge with AE so we could change the colors of our footage directly in AE without having to render again ?
Do you think it is possible ?
Thank you so much and keep the good work !!!

Lee Long says:

awesome tutorial . please help me. how do creat Rig eyes same video :

Aaron Bowley says:

Ok I just started watching but I have to say I’m blown away that just throwing correction on there gives you all that vip access . Dude this is such a game changer

Grant Inouye says:

Another awesome tutorial! “Intro to the Motion Tracked Pickle” Super useful~~
How are you liking ProRenderer?

Keerah Borg says:

Great one. I can add another nice tip for using Connect + Correction I recently found. You can use multiple parametric objects as falloff gizmos for any modifier. Just put them inside Connect, add Correction modifier, set your (for example Plain’s) falloff to Source mode and drag your Correction to falloff’s Source Link field. This way Correction works as a link to the whole geometry inside the Connect generator.

Dean Mellis says:

Another question about the Point Cache offset: Am I correct in assuming the y position key frames are not baked into the Point Cache because they aren’t PLA information? My deformer animation and Cube x Size moved with the offset but the y position keyframes did not even though I had the PSR option checked in the Point Cache Tag tab.

Ahmed Amar says:

Thanks EJ, I do appreciate your effort and supporting you all the time (I am watching your courses on as well)…. thanks bro

Taiwo Bankole says:

Another helpful tutorial, thanks EJ

Flavio Diniz says:

make more videos about deformers :^)

Ahmed shakib says:

Thanks EJ. I sometimes wished that the correction Deformer would a bit more versatile , but this tutorial has definately helped.Cheers.

Tommy says:

Love it !! Thanks EJ !

Silvia Monagas says:

thanks for the tutorial so helpful! I do this

Subhodeep Ghatak says:

Wow! EJ has a treasure full of knowledge and lets other dive into Cinema4D, great as usual and another great addition to my daily workflow <3

Jerrys Graphics says:

Another Great Video!

Oziee says:

Good one man, btw your dark interface looks amazing

Mark Haynes says:

Very useful tip! Thanks EJ!

bobc4d says:

what are the downsides to the correction deformer? does it cause a hit in animation, viewport speed or render speed?

AJ Haines says:

Nice one EJ! I never knew it could do all of this:)

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