Cinema 4D Tutorial – Intro to the Mograph Time Effector

In this tutorial you’ll get a little intro to the Time Effector, Voronoi Fracture and how you can use it to help automate animation inside Cinema 4D!

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Intro to Mograph Time Effector Tutorial Topics Include:
• Learn some Time Effector basics
• Combining the Time Effector with other Effectors to get variations of animation applied to objects
• Introduction to the R18 Voronoi Fracture object & learning how it fractures up objects
• Learning about Falloff Clamp functions
• How to create a nice procedural marble texture
• Utilizing the Random Effector for more organic, interesting animation

If you have any questions about the Time Effector or Voronoi Fracture, be sure to post it in the comments section! If you create anything using this technique, be sure to share it with me on Twitter or in the Comments! Thanks for watching!

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Nicolas Seijas says:

Thank you for this awesome tutorial! I don’t know if you realize that you didn’t copy the noise texture for the inner selection jajajaja. Cheers from Argentina!

Denis Triton says:

Одни осколки пролетают сквозь другие… ((

Oziee says:

Hey EJ! Amazing as always man and can u teach us the motion tracker next time?

Dustbunny ENT says:

My professor wants me to use Xpresso tags exclusively, but i want to do something like this. Would i still get the same results as this if i used Xpresso?

John Roche says:

I tried this with a landscape object, but the object was made of a thin sheet and only fractured that surface. How do I add depth?

Kiwi says:

Holy shit this is the perfect tutorial for my “Earth gets ripped apart by a blackhole” Scene but I only have R17 and not R18 haha.

O_SS_421 - says:

You know the tutorial is amazing when even the small tips open up so many possibilities, seriously, that 2D version looks insane to me, definitely using it!

Leon William says:


Jens Krüger says:

Many thanks. I can follow you explanation very good. Great stuff AAAAND my shocking Marbel looks like your’s. It’s often, that my result doesn’t look like the tutorial 😀

slavik leibovich says:

Thanks a lot ,

one q please … where i can download hdri plugin for mac?

nokeomiga says:

Really nice. Thanks for share it!

Kashiraj Daud says:

Can this be done in C4D Lite through AE CC?
Great tutorials by the way!

BlkstarFilms says:

Great video!

Mohammed Al Suwaidi says:

This is awesome EJ, always enjoy watching your videos 😀

Laimoon says:

hello Ej, i’m facing a problem i hope you can help !
its when i use the time effector, the parts of the object turn into plane or 2d shape not 3d as in the tutorial 12:12 .
i used my logo instead of a sphere and torus.

Yvesyew says:

Hi, Can anybody help me?
I am trying to animate a stack of coins explode in a small area / perimeter.
But when i try to apply explode FX on the stack of coins i duplicated. it seems that the coins shape would be distorted (thickness changed) and the when i try to adjust the setting of the explosion, it just doesnt change anything.
What is the problem? thanks!

Aguacate Animation says:

Hi! I have a problem, I use a model but when I use the fracture my model didnt have inner faces so its like a shell or something like that, can you help me?? Thanks!!

Gabriel Fernandes says:

Hi, EJ, great tutorial! Just have one question. When the torus is breaking down in the gif image some inner parts of it apparently stay put while its outside are moving. How did you manage to do that? Tks!

Amgad sy says:

I have problem with me c4D R17
he is to slow
I have a laptop with I7 3.5 Ghz ram 16 DDR4 and nvidia 950
Windows 10
do you know why he doesn’t work right??????

Hemanth Kumar JM says:

Awesome Again!

Ido Ramon says:

First i would like to say that you are a great teacher 🙂 and i would like to thank you for this amazing
tutorial. Secondly i have a question and hope you can help… I was
wondering if there is an option for the pieces not to overlap or
intersect while spinning? . In my animation it is more noticeable
because of bigger chunks that i’m using. thanks

Ramez Tabshi says:

Thank you!

Zs T says:

many many Thanks ******
great job

Tom D says:

EJ’s Teeth = White Balance Effector

Elise Marcus says:

Great tutorial! I’m trying to apply this to another object, but my computer can’t handle it. Do you have an idea how you can apply this on an object you downloaded?

The Good Vibe says:

how can I do this with thrausi ej, can you help me out, I add the time effector to thrausi but nothing happens.

Kay says:

… not rich enough to get R18…. D:

Asimov66 says:


Escapade Clubs says:

what was the other version to use fracture if we dont have voronoi fracture

hjhpuha says:

매번 잘 보고 있습니다. 감사합니다.

malik bagwala says:

What are your thoughts on Cinema 4d vs MAYA?..Maya looks so F ing complicated for this type of work…its crazy what you can do with cinema 4d after watching just one youtube video. Mind blowing actually!

Nghi Le says:

Very helpful tks

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