Cinema 4D Tutorial – Intro to UV Mapping with Bodypaint

In this tutorial, learn the basics of UV Unwrapping & Mapping using Bodypaint, and texture painting in Photoshop and how Coban and Kristin from Edison Creative utilized Cinema 4D’s Bodypaint and UV unwrapping tools to help them create 3D assets for use in their 2D cartoon series pilot, The Axiom Chronicles (support their Kickstarter!)

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:
In this Cinema 4D tutorial, Edison Creative shows you how to get started UV mapping in Bodypaint! This tutorial is for beginner and advanced users, and those familiar with materials.

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Dejun Wang says:

this is really best tutorial ,thanks a lot from china

Александр Горбачёв says:

How to get the model for lesson ?

Ki Hong says:

Yay, tutorial on how to utilize Bodypaint! Never used its features before, now to go and try it. Thank you for great videos as always!

C Pettit says:

I’ve struggled with these features for so long. Very helpful and generous of everyone’s time EJ. Thanks for sharing so much!

Junior Dilkin says:

amazing ❤

Irving Diaz says:

Thanks! Really was looking for this

Morten Corfitz Eriksen says:

Thanks a lot – best UV tutorial I have seen 🙂

Oziee says:

big thanks to Coban and Kristin and of course to you EJ, you’re all great.

Pieminator says:

Now all you need is to get Substance Painter 2 and you’ll make AMAZING projects.

CPapadakis says:

Finally UV mapping explained properly! THANK YOU!

Filmthechannel says:

The fact you made this an 1 hour long tutorial and 6000 + people watched it is a pretty good achievement.

bingobrigade says:

Super helpful and with a real world outcome at the end too. Will be saving this one. Thanks!

abdul Ghaffar says:


Jeffrey Barruga says:

THANKS GUYS for the tutorial! Also thanks for the last mograph meet-up in hollywood and the pizza!

jayzedable says:

learned a few tricks, thanks guys.

footthumb says:

Awesome tutorial.

On the Photoshop problem. If this is happening to you (eyedropper is making your sampled color the background instead of foreground) check your Color palette. There is a little Foreground/Background icon there as well. It’s kind of difficult to see but there’s a little gray outline around either the foreground or background swatch. If that outline is on the background color your eyedropper will make whatever color you sample the background color. Just click on the foreground swatch to change the sampling back to the foreground.

EDIT: You can copy and paste materials between C4D projects without applying them to objects. Just select all the materials you want in the Material Manager, hit Command/Control + C, open a new file, make sure you’re in the Material Manager, hit Command/Control+V.

Oussama Chafi says:

Thank you guys so much for taking your time and make such a well put great tutorial!

Suraj Mandal says:

holy crap that collection in the background!!! OMFG!!

Setty Mc says:

Whoooo, so dope.

Laissez - faire says:

More UV unwrapping/Bodypaint tutorials sounds dope + character rigging just saying

Laissez - faire says:

Ohhhh Hell Yahh

Laura Innes says:

Great tutorial!!! Thank you very Much!!

Ryan Lohman says:

I basically follow the same process- but I’ve never made or used a checkerboard or collapse UV’s. This is definitely going to improve my workflow.

SLT Lives says:

This was COMPlETELY amazing!! These two were such a marvelous pleasure to listen too. Very well paced and explained. Thanks for taking time to do this.

اناشيد اطفال العم احمد says:

big like

Phill Buckland says:

Thank you SO MUCH for doing this dudes! I’ve watched a tonne of tutorials on this and still dont get it. 🙂

VIDEO 4 says:

Finally a good in-depth tutorial about UV mapping in Cinema. Thanks!

Miguel Eduardo says:

So cool 🙂 amazing class as always.I have a question is there any way to have noisey texture combine with a more classic and 3d material.Combining the best of both worlds?

Drew Nix says:

OMG. The best tutorial I’ve watched on this topic. Thanks and I’m bookmarking this tutorial front and center.

Kamp ART says:

Finally. I’ve been doing it in Maya for years now I can stick with c4d

Evgeny Butorin says:

Nice tut! Thank you!What about UVUnwraping for Subdiv?

David Saucedo says:

I hate unwrapping!!!! But somebody has to do it… This was great! Thanks for sharing your process.

M4R says:

Good stuff!

Bombastickj says:

Can you show us how to paint weights for a rigged character in cinema 4d?

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