Cinema 4D Tutorial — Model and Texture a 3D Eyeball

Pixar’s “Monsters University” is coming to theaters this month and everyone has giant eyeballs on their minds. In this intermediate/advanced tutorial I walk you through the steps of building and texturing a floating eyeball in Cinema 4D r14 Studio using nothing but lighting and textures created entirely within C4D with zero plugins. This one gets fairly complex with layer stacks and masks, so you might want to get out your notepads and hover over the pause button.

Also worth mentioning; it was too involved for the length of the tutorial, but you can try to copy and paste the blood vessel channel into the displacement channel of the material editor and add sub-poly displacement so the veins bulge off the surface of the sclera. I did this effect for the thumbnail image. I tried to paste it into a bump channel but the detail was too fine and the results were less than desirable. You will also need to increase the hypernurb levels to get good results, and then the render time jumps exponentially, but it looks even cooler.


Pedro Gomes says:

how do u render like that on the beggining of the video pleasE?

Lisa Merik says:

Excellent tutorial. Learned SO much! Thank you!!!!

Thomas H says:

already off to a great start

Set Payton says:

Thanks for the good tutorial

Gra55h0pp3r says:

THIS can be calling Tutorial. Great!

Jordan Holcombe says:

really great tutorial! i followed the whole thing as a beginner!

Zahra Azhar says:

superb work…!!

Maria Fernanda Martínez says:

Hi! (the girl)

katia morel says:

Thank you very much for this tutoriel! it was so helpfull, clear and new! thanks for all the tricks about the layer color and all!

將將 Jonstyle says:


raczrobert09 ツ says:

thanks. You helped me ALOT! I really wanted to make an eyeball so, so long ago and i found this video. thanks again 🙂

Herique ramos says:

não entendi nada do que você falo mas, eu assisti o vídeo foi execelente, Thank you!!!!

sophee24 says:

GREAT tutorial! Thank you!

Bradyn Timmons says:

I know you would have to change some of the numbers, but would this work on a larger scale, or would it not turn out the same?

Ege Oktar says:

thanks for the tutorial!

Vivian Van Der Waals says:

Woooooop woman huuuurrr

Fatlinda Shala says:

every thing worked fine until it came to work with the reflectance after adding the floor and the sky and than (fart noise ) nothing …hmmm i guess is my cinema 4d settings …

Kilam softly says:

im that ONE girl watching his tutorial

Javier Durazo says:

Great tutorial man, thanks!

HokusaiTM says:

I can’t really follow the tutorial because I am in r14 and there are many things that I can’t do that you can

4D World says:


Ryan Alexander says:

you are a fucking artist

Danilo Ramos says:

Thank U Man =D

Hanif Bahari says:

U, alpha loop? I can’t find it :/

Faejala says:

thank you so very much for this tutorial!
I am a total beginner and now I am happy, that I could create smth that looks actually that good :’D

If you are interested, you could take a look at it here:

The Matadore says:

I noticed that when you added the water texture to the Iris, it applied by default in a radial manner, meaning it went all around it from a center. Is it because the object is a sphere and it started from the furthest point of that polygon? I tried using a tube (I was trying to apply some aspects of your tutorials to another object) and the water surface went from left to right instead of applying in a radial way the way it did the iris on your object. I hope I’m explaining this correctly. The tube I made wasn’t used as a pipe sort of object but I lowered the height so the flat surfaces are parallel to the floor, like a ring. I wanted to see if I could have a water effect that looked held inside a circular glass world, but I think I’m failing miserably lol. I’m just wondering, if you’re still using this channel, if you had any insight on that.

Aaron Qadeer Nazeer says:

jst amazng
grt job

Ding Ding says:

thank you ~~~

Death Marker Rangers says:

hmm help I have a a model I need to put 2 textures on hes eyes but idk how.
One is round and the notherone is for to be arund the round lins….

X Bar says:

“and girl.. i hope” lmfao

猫叔叔 says:


ChemicalFX says:

Great tutorial! Really helpful 😀

FredFaz 99 says:

i have a question how do you save the models

Ayy Lmao says:

this is 4 years late but you said that if i had anything to say i should say it well this tutorial was great and the only thing i gotta say is that if you want to imitate real life and you shrink your model to real life increments you should keep your light really big, you should make your light source the size of a real light source because there is not light source that small in real life and so when you look at the eyeball without context it looks huge because of the way light and shadows work with it. it’s a small thing but i think its important

12m2 Studio says:

Absolute best tutorial I’ve watched ! Really easy to follow and well taught !

_ says:

cool tutorial thx.

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