Cinema 4D Tutorial: Mograph Sphere Animation [Beginner]


We use moGraph to create a simple but effective sphere ‘collapse’ animation…


justmeattome says:

FINALLY someone who makes tutorials without any irritating chit chat. I’ve seen 40 minute videos that don’t cover as much as you just did in 7. Keep it up, this is amazing.

Mister Kion314 says:

TY!! man…..nice toturial.

Kyle Hager says:

You sir are a BOSS! Thank you for this.

Marius Dobre says:

Dude, you’re the best. Keep it up!

Randal R says:

Oh boy, Good Tut man, TY.
Just curious if I can make the material transfer from like a Moon Texture into a Orange Moon?.
I often do that myself, use a spline to animate a camera…can get dizzying renders that way 🙂

große Träumerin says:

Wow! 😀

Serzill Hasan says:

You are a good teacher

David says:

Great tutorial, thanks !!!

Valentino Siano says:

Do not render . can you tell me the render settings..? You’re GREAT anyway…

strong spectator says:

thank you for this video

Deon Woodward says:


Jadyn Vaidya says:

Can you use this on text

AZflames says:

+1 like +1 sub +1 fan

Marco Nasi says:

Perfect! Very useful, fast and accurate!!!

Diego says:

In the bar of time, I only have from 0 to 90 and not from 0 to 120. I tried to modify it visually but I couldn’t. do you know how could I?

Sisi F says:

I have the same problem as a MarkY MarC. I make the same things and Plain effector doesn´t work.

kiran coolstar says:

why my square became white at 0:26 and sphere at 0:41 :/

Marc Grandlund says:

Hey man I need help I follow the tutorial exactly how you do it it but when I put the plain effector on it won’t budge at all I tried making things editable but it still won’t work please help

Fernanda Godoy says:

hi! great tutorial… i just need some help… im new in this cinema stuff… what if i what to change the texture of a logo for another logo using the transition of the cubes? how can i do that? do i have to anímate the texture??

sidharth 3D atist says:

nice looking

No1Survivalist says:

fellow scot! cheers for the tutorial trying to get back into cinema 4d for some promotional stuff for my VR game. Feel free to let me know if you want a key, followed like 3 of your tuts now and will find it on the offical cjgstudio instagram page. Thanks again dude, from aberdeen!

Mike Kelly says:

Hey love the tutorial, thanks for posting!
Btw how did you get the awesome render and reflections and lighting?


Tatjana Steinert says:

Thank you! Great Tutorial. I’ve learned so fast so much cool stuff!

LEONARD! says:

how do i get the sphere?

Captain says:

Very good tutorial

Tope Kutelu says:

Wow! it’s really nice but it looks like in your tutorial you did not make the cloner the child of the step effector and yet it worked in your video, when I tried it, it didn’t work not until I made the cloner a child of the step effector. Maybe it’s bcos I’m using R14.But I hope this would help someone who’s probably having the same issue.

DanArtz says:

OMG im so donating your tutorials are the most straightforward and easy to follow i have ever seen!

FamousNiloEarls says:

what about moving an obj ( flying spaceship) on a path ?

florian miftari says:

does this work with MoText as well? couse when i try it with motext it only creates 1 little cube :/ pls help

Kairos Productions says:

How would you apply different materials to the inside and outside?

josh atlas says:

great tutorial, thanks man!

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