Cinema 4D Tutorial : QUICK TIP : BRUSH IN THE AIR

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In this video I show you how to create a “brush in the air” effect.
All you have to do is create a landscape object (or object with a lot of polygons), add “spline wrap” deformer as a child and then create a spline. This spline is gonna be our shape created with the brush effect.
The inspiration to create this tutorial comes from the awesome work of “Velvet spectrum”:

Audio: Phonat – Ghetto burnin’

*All the object properties could variate with different typographies or splines.

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Chintogtoh Khash-Erdene says:

Hello. Great tut. Thank you for a great tutorial. I have a question what version of C4D is this?

Panashe Ngowera says:

Fantastic! Thanks

David Daniel says:

this is fucking speedi. must be slow to understand easily. fucking useless this is

Mubashar Khadim says:

Suuuuuper love it

Dellexer says:

Wow first time i saw 200+ likes and no dislikes
Also Thx for the fast tutorial

Creeper43234 Animates Extra says:

Woh. Awesome effect! Love it! Nice job bro! 🙂

b4t m4n says:

fuckin amazing

LPkiller35 says:


Takaiat Lutfe says:


Fikri Budianto says:

this is not tutorial. because the video is incomplete. and video just want to show off

Маша Зайцева says:

I love these lessons! Simply, and without further ado. Especially good for people who do not know English. Thank you!

Adrián Dafonte Gómez says:

Great!! Quick and clear! (Nice music too)

Aleksandr Goncharov says:

спасибо за урок

BluezConcepts says:

Def. gonna use this :p

WATCH ME says:

How do you add at the time period of 2:00 mints the above option of text that means ”STAGE”

xiaoyan zhu says:

its amazing and really easy to learn . THANK YOU!!

Amit Pasi says:

omg this is crazy

josh atlas says:

Awesome! thank you!

胡佳妮 says:


Valdis Punch beats says:


Elias Madrid says:

Puto amo!!!

333jas says:

This is cool. I just downloaded the demo of C4D and I’m impressed with what it can do. I’ve used Lightwave for many years, while capable in a lot of things it has stagnated compared to C4D over the years.

Olly Venning says:

Really nice effect 🙂 Thanks for sharing

Mr Lite says:

Sometimes you see things they look so complex, then you see how it’s made 😀
thx for uploading this video!

TFVGaming I Rohan Trehan says:

Fucking beast video!

deCaptainNinja says:

Hi! Im a beginner and I have a question. In minute 2:00, what is that STAGE option you have on the right and how did you center the object? thanks

park moon says:

amazing I really like it thanks

Ealon Wong says:

can’t understand how to use the light

Vigram says:

i cant change the size on windows

DivineArtz says:

Did a banner with this technic 😀
Maybe some opinions.

Wqter says:

Keep it up!!!

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