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In this Tutorial I talk about how to use Global Illumination (Gi) and Ambient Inclusion to create a realistic studio like scene with over head soft boxes and a seamless backdrop.

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Anbarsan Ponnilavan says:

Hi your tutorial is great. I have been using your technique since last year. But this time my 3d model isn’t as bright as yours. I tried using a light. Too bright. lowered its colour brightness to -200, not much difference

NoCostDownloads says:

The red doesn’t show up in the middle on mine

Jordy gaat je niks aan says:

Nice i did not now global illumination and ambient occlusion

ur boi phantom foxy says:

some of us don’t have mac like u so our settings are diffrent (rip english)

pereiramariana35 says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i was going insane because i was never good with lighting and i havent picked up this program in years, i was in desperate need to iluminate a store i built and this did the trick really nice. You are a life savior ^^

ZaKi YoRi says:

thnks man you the best

Evert van Ingen says:

Whats this dialect?

xandrew1 says:

The reflection with Cinema 4D r17 have different settings and i don’t know how to fix it

Sigit BuntoXs says:

awesome… thanks..:)

Alex Huynh says:

hi. i created everything except the shadow on the floor didn’t come out. i’m using cinema 4d r16, i did check the 2 boxes : global illumination and ambien something something. help 🙁

Agent M47 says:

thnx 🙂

Get over that Wall says:

The lack of specular highlights makes the render look really weird. I’m not sure why you would turn that off.

shirwan rahim says:


Ron Schaefer says:

Nice clear explanation

MaikelKing Drawing says:


DOOBIE says:

I still have my horizon line? Help?

NemaxHD says:

I remember. This was the first picture i ever made in Cinema 4D 

LazySweaterMC says:

how do you rescale it? 

evolvearte says:

great work…

Ann Kemp says:

Thx! 😀

Steve Cady says:

the reflective plane on my objects is very hard on this its very feathered. Where do i go to fix this? help!

S6 says:

Good Stuff 🙂

paul sungte says:

really nice. thanks for the tutorial. its really helpful.

Realiteti Sot says:

why a primitive cube doesn’t reflect  as a sphere does ? Please any tricks to add ?

Lord Sircasm says:

my gosh your accent sounds so fucking stupid lol

Ivan Labrosse-Rolston says:

Excellent! Thank you sir

DJL says:

what .. verssion did you use R13? or the latest one

Sweiti Media says:


Tanner Thompson says:

does this only work with curved objects like spheres? i tried this with text and it barely shows up

George Buckfield says:

Your voice soothes my soul

Daniil Chernenko says:

You are awesome! 

Trương Gia Công'S says:

good thaks loves

Milan Meiland says:

Thank you for this easy and simple tutorial with a really nice end product.
Some settings were different for me since I use R17 but some scrolling through the comments helped me immediately.

Started a few years ago with Cinema 4D but stopped after switching computers and didn’t had the program on my new one.
Really happy that I found the program again, definitely going to to this in my free time as a hobby.

again, thank you and peace from The Netherlands 🙂

Nilox says:

U are fanboi of the reel ArcuzxD ffs

Monnq says:

Doesn’t work for me, I can’t see the lights on my spheres, I followed your tutorial step by step, enabled Ambient occlusion and Global Illumination, nothing works.

jjderosa says:

Is there a way to hide the lit up shapes from rendering but still have them emit their light?

1234kingconan says:

This guy’s accent… 

Cloudy Intros says:

Very guud.

Waaris Aboobaker says:

I remember sitting in my mums office 4 years back, watching this video and learning how to use C4d. This video brings back so many memories!

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