Cinema 4D Tutorial – Triggering Dynamics the Easy Way

Learn how you can trigger Cinema 4D dynamics and take full art directional control over dynamic simulations with this simple workflow!

Intro to Rigid Body Dynamics:

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:
In this Cinema 4D tutorial, EJ Hassenfratz shows you can art direct rigid body dynamic simulations the easy way by creating a dynamic trigger. This tutorial is for intermediate users of Cinema 4D familiar with rigid body dynamics.

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ici Guillen says:

I’ll trie it right now, You are so inspiring for me..!! Thanks!!!!

Ali Qaiser says:

PLZ DO A TUT OF make it 2016 ITS awsome make a part of it like camera animation or a pen animation plz plz plz plz plz

Frank Ernesto Cala García says:

Thx¡!¡! Dude, awesome channel & work, grettings from Cuba

Fredo Landaveri says:


Andres Arosemena says:

wow, thanks for this! I had no idea of either the ghost option or the motion sketch equivalent inside c4d!

Niraj kumar says:

THank you so much…. <3 love you

Rachel Harrison says:

Thanks EJ!

Omega Vision says:


Johny ; Five says:

awesome EJ! thank you! =)

deven langston says:

Your videos never fail to provide golden nuggets of cinema goodness. Thanks a bunch EJ! You rock!

Chris Crocker says:

Nice tutorial EJ. You could also do it more procedurally (minus Cappucino) with Effectors. Set the stem dynamics trigger to velocity peak then have something like a Plain Effector with a linear falloff pass through them. You could even group a set of Effectors to add things like Random Noise, etc. If you start adding things like Mograph Selection and adjust certain Effector’s Weight you’d have even more control.

J J C says:

EJ there’s a halo above you in a ghost body named charity

Quentin Compson says:

Thanks EJ! I just discovered the ghost the other day but as always you’ve really clarified everything. Hope you’re well.

Andrew MacDonald says:

Shouldn’t floaties all be floating vertically?

Karim Janobi says:

Thanks man. U just made my day

Next Level VFX says:

Thanks man . *keep up the good work*

Tony Lemont says:

I think the mess of audio squares you have on the walls actually made you sound worse. Look up audio dynamics and the infectiveness of those sound mats unless properly deadened with actual wall material as well.

Oh.. good tutorial though!


Glider LP says:

Yor touts are always awesome and practical ej. Well done

Drew Nix says:

Thanks for that!

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