Cinema 4D Tutorial – Using Kitbash3D Models to Build a Space Colony in Octane

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In this Cinema 4D Octane tutorial, you’ll learn how to texture, assemble, light, and integrate Kitbash3D space colony buildings into a Mars environment. See below for Kitbash3D & displacement map links!

Watch how to build a detailed Mars Landscape tutorial:

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David’s List of Essential Octane Resources:

In this Octane and Kitbash3D tutorial, we’ll learn how to retexture the buildings and ensure they’re looking their best in Octane, as well as assembling them like legos into bigger complexes. Then we’ll take them into our environment from last week and integrate them by making sure they’re the right scale and distance from camera, as well as manipulating the landscape to match building placement. Next, we’ll add lots of visible point lights to the buildings, ambient lights for atmosphere, and rim lights to catch edges, as well as astronauts and sci-fi vehicles. Finally, we’ll put the finishing touches on the render and explore a night option for the scene.

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shubham shetkar says:

how to export this scene in unity? can you make a video on that?

MELOW K says:


ArgoBeats says:

Thank you, David!

CREX says:

Anyone know what render is he using?

RichieMotion says:

Again, incredible work dude!

Zhaohao Zhang says:

Thank you David! Honestly, I had wait for your tuts for a long time! ^ ^

Mo Bensasi says:

really nice work man! love the last composition and mood! thanks for sharing your work flow man!

chaoyue 12138 says:



Man I love your tuts, I’m not into design landscapes and stuff, but your videos always brings some interesting tips about Octane here and there, thank you David!

shubham shetkar says:

and does this contain baked textures?

CM M says:


Mr. Fotone says:

I love you Jesus!

Shagith shagithyan says:


bayProton says:

Thank you for your effort to share this with us.

I want to ask that below pieces enough to work scenes like this

1) AMD Ryzen 1950X CPU
2) MSI Armor 1080 TI 11 GB graphic card

Thank you +eyedesyn

UlTroN says:

(you are the best) thanks a lot for your help dude <3

Kristin Cobos Music says:

Thanks for the work you do- a lot of good info as usual. In this tutorial (and the previous one-digital nature pt 2) yougive some info about night scenes. I am hoping you can do an in-depth tutorial focusing on night scenes, especially nature!

Artyom Kojoker says:

love your tutorial .
learning so much!
i do have onw problem,my renders are grainy as hell.
i pull up the max sample to 512…and its the same every time:(
what should i do?

Glider LP says:

octane jesus strikes again! ty david!

Pablo González says:

so amazing!!


Love it! Thank you for taking the time to make this! As always, VERY informative!

Gritzk says:

amazing.. but i cant do it all

Antsa Stephan RASATANDRAINA says:

Always an amazing tutorial. Can you make one with war zone with octane ?

Robin Mikalsen says:

You are like Leonardo da Vinci with a computer. I need more content asap!
great work as always!

Mirko Cuculiza says:

With Octane is like playing videogames!! I love the future haha Keep it up! Cheers from Perú

Sergiu Andrei Botoran says:

From the best!

rizki bandang says:

thankyou, god bless you

Martin Boumans says:

OMG that final shot really is amazing!

Mr lin says:

That’s great tut! i learned a lot from it .thank u !

Travis Sattler says:

Beautiful work dude! I’d have to tag you in everything since you taught me how to make amazing textures haha

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