Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: House Builder Tool – Read the full post about this exclusive video tutorial, where we show you how to use the House Builder tool in Cinema 4D.
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worldtopstarrecords says:

i see

AyazDesign says:

and how to make different wall thickness??? The inner rooms are sometimes thinner…. i dont fint the option on this Hous Builder Tool for different thickness adjustments

ZicoNadStarr says:

Hey im new with cinema 4d, is it inside cinema 4d or is it another product of cinema 4d? like cinema 4d visualize ?

Colour247 says:

That’s not a house, that’s a box with holes in it. What about window frames, glass, doors, door frames etc

George Ell W says:

5:39 it looks like some.. cabin.. In big SHIP:D

Cynthia DC says:

can you buy or download it?

Zerzuskan says:

why am i unable to just transform my rooms? i can just change everything at once, meaning that when i want to make a 5x5m room to a 5x10m room it will be 10x10m, cause i cant transform single walls?

Evgeny Vedeneev says:

Keep it up dude! Although I do not fully understand what you’re saying, I’m from Russia, but you still shows in the details!

Shqdow says:

Visualize isn’t there!

Özberk Alpay says:

How do you apply texture to the outer walls?

Ikaros Uranus says:

what the song name intro song i mean

Christian Ziegler says:

Top !

DerBoiSchückrü says:

can somebody tell me the name of the intro song plz ?

Donovan Maldonado says:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

henry ryhanen says:

Umm, can you tell me how to change the wall color , the outside. +you got a new subscriber 🙂

Neto Next says:


munich letsplay says:

i don´t findthe house builder at R16 

TwixieTrap says:

Im currently trying to make a 2 floored building using the house builder. 😛 but i cant delete the floor where the stairs should be. can you tell me what i can do to fix it?

nolimits-art says:

Thanks for the tutorial.
Looks like there is a little bug. The floor molding is disappearing when I include holes for windows and doors. 
In you tutorial, looks like this bug is also there. At some point there are no floor moldings.

Gil Svs says:

These, are very good tutorials, thank you

Jordan Spiteri JPS FILM STUDIOS says: – Royalty Free Music This is a really good tutorial and has helped me out a lot. I have managed to get the rooms to look good, but I want to change the outside walls of the house without changing the inside walls, is this possible and if so how would I do it?. Thank you.

AR 23 says:

is tis tool in the demo?

BATANG says:

I have cinema 4d r16 but there is no house builder….. why?

Philippe Nathanael says:

Better than Sims

Manan Vira says:

from where to get house builder tool?

sansan xaverius says:

he said master bed room, what i hear, masturbate room, nice try brain

TwixieTrap says:

Is there and option if you want the house to be round?

10daniel16 says:

thanks so much for the help man!!

Alexander Franke says:

Hey! Nice tutorial. but can you delete walls?

kole makinde says:

When i open up a try to use the house builder preset, it creates just a regular plane that i can’t do anything with. Please help

Pape Diop says:

Il est plus facil de convertir le fichier Autocad en DXF. Puis fermer le fichier et l’ouvrir sur C4D en conservant les calques.

Amaurii Jimenez says:

download plugin?

Pedro Gomes says:

best and easy to follow tutorial on building houses you sir are a genius thank u

Rutaba Riaz says:

hey, why can’t I have this builder tool in my 4d. I’m using r16. Please help!

Evilix Mania says:

Thank you very much

DantheCardboardMan says:

I go to presets and all I see is defaults? Why is that?

bond redfield says:

how im build my roof ??

Hatem Monem says:

I can’t find house builder ! what to do ?

Vanja Kapetanovic says:

THanks for the tutorial man ut this is suppose to make it easy but it’s pretty amateurish in a way it works and most of the stuff doesn’t really even work in r18. I am sure pro’ don’t do floor plans like this. What was Maxon even thinking with this dumbed down tool.

Danijel Ćelić says:

Thank you now I can become architectural engineer 😀

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