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Ahmed shakib says:

Yes,this was awesome.I really like the works you do.The best part is you use the built in render rather than octane.

João Mendes says:

Hi, great stuff! I would like to know how do you put the smaller view window always on render mode

William The Creative says:

good tutorial but saying “um” every 5 seconds is a bit much

Michele Spaliviero says:

thx man, I really appreciated it! Just a quick question: what format do you save the images in? tiff/jpeg/png?

EcripArts says:

Altough I did know this, good tutorial! Good to see more people do tutorials of the whole thing, not just here’s how to do the geo, now to slap some texture packs and light packs on it and we’re done!

Much prefer the full run trough the project. Nice end result too! Keep it up, pretty sure this’ll help alot of people!

guillermorossitube says:


LiRi Elgozi says:

please make more tut’s with x-particals.. 🙂

+1 sub.

Gringo Macro says:

Good tutorial, how can you make your interface available for download?

Encore 4K says:

Amazing!! big fan of you.

Rex Art says:

Thanks man!!

Yash Parashar says:

love it bro <3

Nik Po says:

Cool! Gold material looking great. Usualy I use ggx and conductor freeshel, but yours way is much easy! Thank’s

splizer101 says:

nice result with the Physical renderer, could’ve sworn it was Octane or Arnold.

LicketyxxSplit says:

Amazing tutorial, Patrick…



Boga Piano says:

rly good tutorial

Bee in the Web says:

totally awesome tutorial, simple, easy, fantastic.
i follow your instagram account and something i want to ask is how you make those beautiful glass textures ?
thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Laith Jebreel says:

put the speed to 1.25, thank me later !
anyways, great video man ! learned a lot of stuff
waiting for more, thanks fore doing this 😉
keep it up

Sharjeel Ahmed says:

looking forward to more of these. keep it up!!

santiago mussfeldt says:

Thanks for the tutorial, I appreciate that you didn’t use any plug ins or any other renders.

Luka Groulx says:

Couldn’t we use an atom array instead of the cloned cylinders to make the same effect?

Michael Guido says:

any idea why when I turn on global illumination the render gets way darker?

Vectal Creative Retouching says:

Great Tutorial! My mac book pro can’t handle octane and everyone’s using it, i felt i couldn’t make anything like this, Thank You!

Daniel Ahmed says:

at 12:13 make sure you have your sphere set at isohedron or you will get a grid pattern

Hunry Leung says:

great tutorial ! thank you a lot !

Channy Arias says:


Ganesh Khadapkar says:

Amazing 🙂 Keep them Coming

Kyle MacEachern says:

Would you consider sharing your custom layout? I really dig how you have it put together

kristofferdolloso dolloso says:

very unselfish, coming from the heart and i learned so much, more tutorial please.

C Br says:

aaaannnddd ur going to click no.. or yes.. or whatever u wanna do, it doesn’t matter.

Opus Cats says:

looks like a virus structure lol

Ansar Khan says:

Thank you very much for hhe tutorial! started learning c4d after seeing your posts. keep up the good work!!

Lasse Koivisto says:

I think this was fresh breath of air in the world of Tutorials…. Liked it alot. it was cool that you showed render settings and all the other “Basic” stuff. Don’t need to be over complicated to look cool. More of these please. Thank you.

RA Studio says:

This is my cinema4d production work

Raymundo Garza says:

some help please,
How do you guys get to not show the hdri texture on the render but still be able to work as Global ilumination?

Jim Panse says:

very nice thank you… do more stuff like this

Ethans Toys says:

Heavy work bro!

Oleg Kokailovych says:

hi! i did’n understand howe to create a render window…
It’s automatic render or need press ctrl+r?

John Oni says:

awesome thanks! more tuts please

Tyler MacBeth says:

Super helpful Thank you!

Naughty Girl says:

Is there a way to get octane for free?

SYNDROME ' says:

thanks for the tutorial man! subbed, i wanna see more tutorials like this

4 voxel says:

well done dude

Alen Udovč says:

Great stuff Patrick! Thank you! Keep the tuts coming 🙂 Greetings from Slovenia:)

Insomniac says:

Great stuff. Thanks a ton man, very helpful.

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