Cinema4D Tutorial- How To Create A Photorealistic Apple in Cinema4D & Octane

Today, I’ll be walking through how to make an apple. Loft objects, basic sculpting, and lots of noise generators.
(@digital_melon_ on insta)

Inspiration- the pickle tutorial!

Cinema4D Tutorial – 3D Pickle:


Victor D Gue says:

Great tutorial!!

Dexter Dragons says:

hey, octane render for cinema 4d plugin, please free download? thanks!

gonzalosor45 says:

Damnnnnn that was really realistic! Props!!

DigbySirChickenTF2 says:

CliCK BAIT, thats not an apple. meh

MegaInformazione says:

Post Chernobyl apple shape

Duchesne Torio says:

You’re a lifesaver, Ryan! Hit a roadblock on my road to learning VFX and this video helped me get out of my funk. Keep up the great work!

SparrGFX says:

Great video 🙂
do you like blender?

Rens Korsten says:

Very helpful!

Ohana Lovely says:

well. i didn’t need to know how to do this but i ended up watching the whole 17 minutes. why am i even up i have school in an a couple hours lOOK What u have done to me

TechJockeyHD says:

Great job budd!!!. I see you doing big things like vfxbro soon. keep it up and KEEP DOING YOUTUBE continuously. #nobreaks lol

Edwin Tobias says:

How old is he

Burek sa sirom says:

This video is really helpful just started doing stuff on Cinema4D and this helped a lot.Great videos man keep up the good work.

VC Records says:

Please do motion tutorials!

Jacques Forsyth says:

mannn i wanna know how u did the moss

Jorge López says:

Where did you get octane?

Katana says:

That’s cool!!

lThorGFX says:

You’re amazing ! Thanks from Brazil !

Harry 8642 says:

looks like a cherry.

Artistry Minds Studios says:

that looks really good thanks for this amazing tutorial!

Smithas says:

okay i don’t know how i managed to stumble across your profile but holy crap man, some of the things you make are absolutely insane. considering how long you’ve been doing this you deserve so much more attention than you have right now. anyways keep up the good work

Benjamin Keating says:

Very good video, this is a great starting giude for people new to octane, heres my tips if your going to try and create this. they never showed the geomentry of the apple and this is key if your going to subdivied everything. and to give the apple the extra realisim dont just bump of the roughness try layering some maps in there to give difference roughness values over the apple, nothing in the real world is perfect also your mising bump info as well, some slight indents would go along way. i render 4k product vis’s all the time and you need them details inorder to render pixel perfect 4k images 🙂 one last tip, its best to work in linear color space HDRI need to be linear and your camera settings need to be linear this is so octane is not limited by 255 RGB values, look on the octane forums for linear workflows its a mind boggle to get your head around but pays for off photo real images

RyanDZN says:

Can you do a tutorial about the grass?

• Daftvid • says:

Amazing work, cheers!

Lance Moody says:

Great job!

Feroz Ahmad says:

What the difference between 3DS Max and Cinema 4D?

IvanGarcia says:

Aye bro you got an INSTA?

Kayla McAnally says:

This is mesmerizing

Rem0ted says:

Please do a tut on how you did the floor

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