Colored Edge Displacement (Cinema 4D – Tutorial)

Darf ich vorstellen, JSplacement 😉
Ich wünsche Euch viel Spaß mit diesem Tutorial.
May I introduce the JSplacement 😉
I wish you much fun with this tutorial.

Original Picture:

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“Nikomedias Scene Rig Lite”:

HDRI Test Layout:
Just copy the two files in from the archive to the follwoing folder…
“C:UsersYOUR NAMEAppDataRoamingMAXONCINEMA 4D YOUR VERSIONlibrarylayout”



Maxon Labs:

Backup Folder Script:

Edit-Optimize Script:

Screw Generator:

Disable SDS Globally:
Original Link unfortunately offline 🙁

My Dropbox Link for “Disable SDS Globally”:

Points to Circle:

sIBL Loader:




Sélections Supplétives:

Drop to floor (original from but website does not exist anymore):


JPG 8bit to HDRI 32 bit:

NIK Collection (Photoshop):


Dan Kuzmenka says:

Thanks Nik!!!! Very nice tutorial……Thanks a lot!!!!

neik ingles says:

Can you do tutorial on this

Thomas Röhrs says:

Danke für das tolle Tutorial! Das JSPlacement ist fantastisch!

vladan m says:

Niko, thank you !! . this is very very easy with Physical. in octane is almost impossible.. the only shader that i tried was the dirt shader and it is still not so perfect like the AO in alpha channel. Do you have a different approach ?

Konnstantin Claudiu says:

Hi. What u use to see in real time the render?

Jackson says:

you help me too much, thank you. by the way, i am Chinese

neoqueto says:

JSplacement… holy shitballs.

inflameFX says:

Wie könnte man das Displacement am Besten , nur auf die Oberfläche einer Schrift, o.Ä. anwenden? Da probier ich seit Stunden rum..

Alexandra Rogalli says:

Thanks for the tutorial!
How big is the difference between a normal studio version and a student version, since my render preview looks really shitty and I don´t know why. It seems piexelated and very low res…

m. s. says:

danke niko, für dieses tutorial, habe mir JSplacement geholt und werde nach deinen vorgaben bisserl üben

Alex Wanderman says:

Great tutorial, many thanks!

2MoshPit says:

Gestern habe ich auch mal nach Deinen Angaben etwas ein Bild hergestellt – Renderzeit: 19 Min. / ein anderer (Video-)Render lief gerade im HG – deshalb die lange Renderzeit…

Grüße & Danke für das klasse Tutorial, Niko!

katakulli07 says:

Nice tut!
The “terrain” shader works good, too!

周萌 says:

Hi Niko, I am a Chinese fresh leaner on C4D。I have been benefiting a lot of C4D from your channel,thank you!

Евгений Васильев says:

Thanks a lot for your tut! But in the begining of this tutorial you said : “… there are two possibilities to do such effect” Please shoe the other way to get it with luminance channel.

George Cox says:

This is wonderful! Does nikomedia scene rig pro work on a mac as well?

Jessica jessica says:

i dont have the invert direction option, any other alternatives?

lucas barbosa says:

i love u niko

Claudemir Carvalho says:


Barth Nicola aka Barth Vader - TheBrtvideo says:

great tutorial

Killan 3D says:

Thanks ! No octane right?

Execue says:

und jetzt mit octane 😀 (da is der request :D)

masterhutzi says:

Top! Schöne Technik, danke für’s Teilen!

Trẫm Sup says:

@Killan 3D
: Arnold is the best. But he is a motion graphics – er so he doesn’t need to use a VFX industry Renderer like Arnold ;).

Saqib Hussain says:

Thank You Sir

Psygoblyn666 says:

Love your tutorials!!!! keep rocking!!!

Cociorocker says:

Yes, PLEASE do one for Octane as well, pretty please 🙂

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