Creating Realistic Displaced Water in C4D

In this video I will walk you through the basic steps on how to build a displaced & animated body of water with in Cinema 4d, & then to save you time and effort, I will show you a powerful tool call “Infinite Ocean” which features infinite, realistic, displaced ocean water, with customizable waves to enable work outside the limitations of water in Cinema 4d. the tool is available here:
Be sure to check out for other great tools and products


Daniel K says:

Thank you!

Severus Snape says:

Hi! Do you know how make day/night effect earth – in redshift? like this tutorial

ОЛЬГА Пичугина says:

A beautiful water element? But why did they take expresso?

Imyas Yan says:

very helpful 谢谢

Imie Nazwisko says:

How to assign buoy (at the end of tutorial) into water material to look like it’s moving on waves, or I have to animate it manually? (but it doesn’t looks like anim. manually on vid)

luabfr says:

love you, man

Sam David says:

I feel like such a cheater using your tool ahahah, good work man

IceWork says:

Awesome ! But, what was your lightroom ?

xXLegendXx70 says:

What are the specs of your machine?

Kara Scherzog says:

How do I make the waves higher? Which parameter do I have to change for that?:)

Miquel TR says:


Iron Bass says:


Tu mundo Android says:

help please as I download the infinite ocean entered the link but I see many options and I do not know which one to give

Tu mundo Android says:

Help, please, I do not know how to unload the infinite ocean. I entered the link, but I see many options and I do not know which one to give.

AlienFX says:

Holy…. 0_o

PhantoFX says:


Anirudh choudhary says:

I didn’t show my displacer on the plane so how can i get it

Károly Markovits says:

It’s not storngly relatid to this tutorial but i’m looking for an answer. I want to render a liquid cube, but when i do my cube is divided into 4×4 which is definitely not what i want.
Could anyone solve this please? Thanks.

Glodin'S kusiniela says:

This is the best Tutorial i have see in 2014.

3dmonkeybizz says:

I have just purchased your Infinite Ocean 1.5 and I am positively speechless. What a brilliant product. Great tutorial too, but I am glad I have the real thing now!!!!

A N T A R E S says:

fucking plugin add

Cyrus James-Khan says:

Thank you so much man, best ocean tutorial out there 😉 ! Do you happen to know how i could keyframe the displacement to export as fbx animation? cheers

fast dsign says:


Низами Пириев says:

Very good man !!! Thank you )

Ygbot17 says:

I’d say source filmmaker is still better

Halle Balle says:

i cant get the material to be reflective just is a plain color anyone that can help me?

Tu mundo Android says:

Ayuda, por favor, no se como descargar el océano infinito ingresé al enlace, pero veo muchas opciones y no sé cuál dar.

WahrheitsForscher says:

earth is flat : P the globe is a lie

MajorFox Mj [YT] says:

Please, have you an another link ?? Please you made a super tutorial !

Jussi Valter says:

Who needs realflow anymore for creating this kind of ocean 😀

Mohan Kumar Dora says:

Hi, Check out which i just tried using Cinema 4d. with out any plugin!!!

Guide4Ever says:

How do you make a grid on your plane module (sea) ?

Lucifer1002 says:

you’re a genius you know…

AMV says:

Блин, я вродь как не изучаю английский язык, но всё понимаю что ты делаешь! Топ ! =)))

Victoria Films says:

Is this the most realistic you can get?

Akhmad Unggul Priantoro says:


λ ɭ i η says:


Voolcan says:

thanks dude

Cyber Sun Games says:

Amazing !!

Randal R says:

oh man, this does look much easier than last I tried an ocean in C4D R10 several years ago..will have to do my Black Sabbath video again…Children of the Sea..(Orig-is gone) time in life permitting.

Kill3rtorch says:

Is infinite ocean a plugin

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