Hey, I wanted to start this one on a bit of a personal note.
There are officially over 1000 of you guys subscribed to my channel since I started posting tutorials a couple of months ago and I have to say the support has been insane and a great motivator to keep doing what I’m doing – so thank you.

On that note, I thought it would be fun to create some dripping gold text to celebrate this milestone.

We are going to play around with the spine wrap, the pose morph, sculpt tools, some modelling – let’s get straight to it!


Noemie Chevalier says:

Hey Sean, I really want to try this, unfortunately idk where to find or how to install the add null plugin .. 🙁 mind to help me please ?

Khmer-Home Music says:

cool work great , when did u stated this channel..

SchizophrenicLeaders says:

Hi, Sean, this is great example of actually working in cinema 4D – props! Digging the pose morph tag–never knew about that. The scaling in the camera move helps the illusion too. Question: Curious, what FPS do you recommend exporting this for compositing into AE (or an NLE) for a super slow motion speed ramp? Would you recommend rendering it to speed as you create in the timeline in Cinema or use a “tool” by RE:vision or something? Without seeing the final composite its hard to know if time is worth spending on this vs. Real Flow–which is a time suck too just more painful. Trying to get a project done and it would seem this is pretty effective. BTW-We like the use of the HDR kit, it certainly helps to reduce the GI flicker. Good luck with your skill teaching mate! Sub.

Joseph Nicklo says:

Grats on the milestone! Just found you via CG Terminal and will definitely be checking out out some more of your videos.

Pulkit Kamal says:

Thanks a lot. You are amazing!

Raphael Berthold says:

3:18 thats a penis

estkent says:

Your channel is amazing. Thank you and keep it up!

Kolynx Azaka says:

i subbed already.
great tut

Prabin Dngol says:

once again where is the material part and would you please cover all the part BTW awesome tutorials.

Snuff Animations says:

I love it!

Marina Sbrana says:

great tutorial, as always!
I’m waiting for some tutorials about materials and maybe also lighting 🙂

Faizan Anjum says:

You my sir have another subscriber! keep these C4D tutorials coming!

Intent RL says:

at the start i drop the spline wrap into null then capsule into null and the capsule doesn’t lock onto my spline at all, it’s positon just stays where i was placed when i chose the capsule from the drop down menu

Intent RL says:

No matter what i do.. The step where you have the connect and you make it a low poly .. Mine doesn’t end up anything like that.. cas’t change the poly i just get stuck with this http://imageshack.com/a/img924/5245/1RkuUv.png

Titouan Harel says:

Thanks for your video man ! May I suggest you to put some warm house music on the background of your videos ! 😉

max murray says:

what a great tut, thanks Man

Ana Saez says:

awesome tut, would it be too much to ask if you can quickly teach us how to save a file in illustrator for cinema4d ?

kiran coolstar says:

why dont you do render and show to us :/ your videos all are like that only

J0hnnie says:

Hey man, awesome tut, just what i’ve needed, can you explain the 3.05 transition?
Not quite getting how the Null and spline wrap are being integrated, and how the capsule is attaching.
Much appreciated!

Danny G DOPEFX says:

im having trouble making text have reflections and look realistic, I have this material pack that looks really nice, but when I go to apply it on text it looks kinda dull. I added floor and lights to see if it helped it but still not lookins so good. Help?

Jesus Christ says:

It doesnt wrap around the spline for me wtf

Intent RL says:

All good sean mate i don’t want to keep annoying you so i’ll do my best to go learn the steps i’m missing elsewhere and then i’ll come back and use the tutorial haha.. Fairly new to Cinema 4D so not sure where i’ve gone wrong aye

JOHAN says:

3:05 how you make it? i dont understend

Jorge Armando Galeano Londoño says:


Intent RL says:

Keep up the good work bro, You deserve the recognition

Sque. says:

What is the font?

Ross Ahlvin says:

Your stuff is awesome man, and these tutorials are great. But on the spline wrap when you drop in the capsule. Did you drop the spline into the spline wrap as well? Thats the only way I can get it to wrap.

Michael says:

Thanks for the tutorials Sean!
If we have a suggestion for a tutorial will you consider that as well?

Keep it up!

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