EPIC rock type in 3 STEPS Cinema 4D tutorial

Hey guys, today we are going to look at how we can make some epic rock type in 3 simple steps.

Cinema 4D R19 arrived at my door the other day and to say I was excited is an understatement. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to come up with a way to create text that looked like it was made up of boulders but still have full control to swap out the text at any point. With R19 the answer is just a stone’s throw away.

In this tutorial we are going to take a look at the new detailing and glue options in the update Voronoi fracture, light and texture our scene then we will finish off in Adobe Lightroom for some final adjustments.

lets rock and roll!


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leoeditor says:

How another way to do that without plugins?

Wira Andhika says:

great one, thanks for this awesome tutorial. hope to see more inspirational typography cinema 4d artwork from you.

Abizar Sabuwala says:

which hdri you have used ? can i get that??

Michael Mack says:

didn’t see the texture in the comments. If anyone is looking for it here it is:

Ana Saez says:

mmm my fracture voronoi does have detailing …. normal? comments?

Sam Jansen says:

What file format do you use when you want to edit the final render in Lightroom or Photoshop afterward?

Mark Elliot says:

just curious, any this can easily be done in R18? if not that’s ok…thanks for the great tutorials

Galo Alvaro says:

Good work!!!

DannyNL says:

Great stuff! Subscribed

jeremy d says:

Fantastic Tutorial. Thank you for sharing!

AB186 says:

great tutorial!

fsLUXE says:

your selfie lighting is intense! nice tips 🙂

Alan .EDodds says:

Excellent tutorial. Thank you so much!

Michael Mack says:

Thanks for the tutorials!

Roman BRuni says:

wow brilliant purple rock you’ve got…! if I were not watching I’d say you took it from the asfalt…
bellissima technique Sean ! cheers from Rio ! ( I’ll be using that reel soon !

abdulkarim alkhaledi says:

Thank you man its really nice tutorial

amit salvi says:

can you try voronoi fracture with SSS material without those cracks output… I mean i want to show cracks where my shader effector fall off goes not other parts.
i am having problem with sss
you can download file and please solve this problem

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