Great Looking 3D Type and Logos Cinema 4D Tutorial

In this video, you will learn how to create great looking 3D type and 3D logos in Cinema 4D. I will go over typeface selection, kerning, bevels, and textures to help make your 3D type more readable and more beautiful.

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SLT Streams says:

Its sad that GSG is ripping off others tutorials that have been made weeks ago…

Jérémy Paul says:

7:43 “I’m also going to align this to the middle here, so it’s always centered”
_Feels totally relieved, whispers: “god dammit he should’ve done that since the beginning”_

seraphxl18 says:

hi daddy

Håvard Hennøy Vikesland says:

Haha, cant get the “blingibling on the corners” out of my head. Great tutorial!

F Chiu says:

welcome back~

Jeff M says:

I really liked this tutorial. I learned alot of really powerful basics here!

Devin Sloan says:

Wow look! Nick made a tutorial! It’s been a while.

Ottavio Lo piccolo says:

this is brillant! thanks a lot

HHH Moh says:

we appreciate your amazing job , thank you very much , and i have a small request , i need a tutorial about how to do an ident like this
specially the camera movement …. please i really need it

Vytas Rauckis says:

Commonly called Slab Serifs

Jonathan Dowler says:

This is awesome. Almost exactly what I have been struggling to do recently!  Thanks for this !

Christian Mendoza says:

Hi im very interested in a tutorial for Packaging 3D 🙂 Please 🙂

Joe Sullivan says:

Nick, you are an inspiration to many
I would watch a thousand hour long video of you doing nothing because you make it look so easy

demoscenes says:

Thank you very much for sharing your awesome tips and tricks. Totally gave me many great ideas and crackers.

Ismaeel Williams says:


Dj TUKY says:


ccxr Agrea says:


Patrick Connors says:

Slab serif.

Or block. Or Egyptian, square, mechanical…but slab serif is the formal term.



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