It’s cold here in Melbourne right now, so to take my mind off it I’m going to show you how to model a soup can in Cinema 4D.

This cheeky can is available for download on my website and since you guys are finding a use for it I thought I’d show you how it came together.

Want to download this bad boy?

Reference links
Can –
Label –


Splash Seven says:

Watched many many tutorials and customer of GSG etc, yours are excellent Sean, some of the very best i’ve seen . Thanks

A C E says:

Cool stuff man, how did u a white grid on render image?

99 Qazii says:

Hi, I learn lot of by this Video you are requested to please make tutorial at Tea Tin see in link what i aspect.

Tony Lemont says:

Thanks for this… good stuff.

Bill2128 says:

Thanks for a great tutorial.

Alex Booth says:

Great stuff man. You can flip the material right inside Cinema by right clicking the material in your objects tab and click “mirror Horizontally” and/or “mirror Vertically” if need be. Keep it up!

Awad Aljohi says:

thank you

Simon Johns says:

a quicker way of getting correct texture orientation is placing the texture on a layer within cinema – then you can use transform inside the layer object to flip it / rotate it etc all from within cinema 🙂

Ronaldo vieira says:

make render ?

Igor B. says:

Great tutorial!

Fahim618 says:

can you please show us how to make a high quality car model in cinema 4d from a car photo or blueprint. please that would be really helpful. thanks in advance.

cozmo976 says:

to fix your flipping of the can label texture, you could re order your circle splines in the loft nurb. you have them in reverse order. eg. 1234 reverse to be 4321 from top to bottom. That way you can keep your textures true. Another way would be to put length V to -100%

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