Infinite Loop Tutorial – Part 1 – Cinema 4D

Learn how to create an infinite looping animation in Cinema 4D.
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Tiago Morais Morgado says:

another cool thing, rendering all of that in unity, unreal engine, or cryengine

ОЛЬГА Пичугина says:

Yes thank you! very interesting )))

Andreas Tripos says:

you can also just throw a null in the cloner and you get the hex thing

lo design says:

hi motionsquared how are you ? mybe you can help me … i wont to learn how to separate text to shap …like in this clip on 0:28 and 0:42


Rezi Chemia says:


Jake .Amin says:

wondering how to do this with the honey comb cloner ? it’s out of place

Sans id says:

Oh shit ! I’m on it for sure ! Thank you.


super bro

PeeyanoKeys says:

This dude has ridiculous talent. I love his tuts.

Denis Triton says:

Nice but be careful with render time due to reflection/refraction.

Cainy says:

hi~ can you tell me the name that music you used? really appreciated

Comby HD says:

Thank you so much:)

Morgtus says:

Amazing tutorial, thanks. I’m look on timline video and afraid you can’t make it to tell as about this nice looking orange glow.
Fortunately at the end of video, you say about next video with compositing, I breathed a sigh to hear that. Thank again for tutorial 🙂


mdpro For PC says:

my next c4d project 😀

Drew Vance says:

for some reason my helix spline is outside of the hexagon so when i try to attach the camera to the spline it is in an awkward spot

Tiago Morais Morgado says:

could you perharps post some tutorials on how to make complex animations with abstract shapes, and python? looking forwad. cheers.

InsideByte says:

Shame it has paid plugins and textures so annoying :/

DissolvedMotions says:

Audio visuals like this are amazing! Keep making tutorials on this!

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