Introduction to Cinema 4D (Beginner Tutorial)

Here is a tutorial that covers basic things you need to know starting from tools, all the way to finished render. The tutorial covers
– (0:30) Navigation Tools
– (1:10) Render Settings
– (6:30) Object Tools
– (7:07) Simple Objects
– (11:35) Modeling Tools
– (24:45) Camera and Lights
– (34:04) Rendering


Adam El-Kadi says:

Amazingly well done easy to follow!! Thank you



sQZ Challenger says:

Thank u m8! just started with cinema 4d and ur video was extremly helpful *_*

Swiirlx Ok says:

Can you make me a intro? Plz

Name Unkow says:

Can I make hentai with this like those in the cornhub

Bryce CW says:

Hey man, I’m really high and I forgot how to use Cinema4D properly. I needed a refresher course. So this was helpful. Thanks buddy.

suzanne so says:

very helpful for me,thanks!

Daniel Maina says:

THanks so much, this video has been really handy.

Octopus Films says:

what the hell goin on your dekstop ?

israel endalk says:

Best tutorial so far.. good job…
also, i will take on this software by myself, and I know Ill be stuck somewhere here or there are you available and offer for quick q&a?

Aaron Bowley says:

your desktop looks like my desktop hahahahaha

ICE DUCK says:

Hello, I was in Vietnam. you make yourself intro cinema 4d, make yourself decent .thank you

CCR Gamer says:

I can only see black

amr mohamed says:

great video man
thnx alot

Allan Njugi says:

My axis keeps changing, how do i stop that?

pun tech says:

You can watch now cinema 4d hindi tutorials on pun tech

Yvesyew says:

hi can anyone please help me? i am new to the C4D, and i am using R17.
I have a file, with null – multiple grouped objects in the Null, how do i scale the group object att at once, because when i try to scale them, they seems to be scaling down in a distorted way and different scale. i cannot simply scale the whole thing down all at once? because I want to use that file in a lighting studio, it is too big, please help! thanks

Harsha Deep says:

Awesome Video Bro ! Thank you so much.

Edward Garza says:

1 million likes to you sir

Vincent_g says:

Your desktop triggers me

nguyen nhat says:

I have a question when you hold “alt” button with the left mouse click then your cross always inside center of xyz axis. So how to set like that?

ZHiKA says:

a Really great tutorial, I learned alot.

Nebulah says:

my screen on cinema 4d is black and bot a grid like yours how do i change it???

remusake00 Me says:

thank you soo much

Oğuz Güler - PufiZZm says:

ehm. i am not going to do any animated graphics. i will make a big building. my school private ankara chamber of industry techinc anatolian school. and i will make a game in it. is it possible? because im trying to learn 3ds max for it. is cinema 4d is easier?

robert martin says:

Half you idiots doing these tutorials need to get one of those magnifying pointers so we know what the fuck you are doing and slow the fuck down very important when tutorialing so everyone gets what the frigg your going on about ……………..

Toxic Juky says:

i love your video


Oh beautiful. very good explanation.
May you live a long life Full of gladness and health . May all God’s blessings descend upon you. May peace be within you may your heart be strong. May you find what you’re seeking wherever you roam.?

Could I use Cinema 4D design file for CNC cutter?

Jaya Tehnik says:

wow dude lol.. your desktop was awesome.. thanks for tutor btw..

Nicolas Camara says:


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