Low Poly Planet Earth Tutorial Cinema 4D

I hope you all enjoyed this low poly tutorial for cinema 4d and photoshop! Make sure to like comment and subscribe for more 🙂

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intro song: Lyre le temps – LOOKING LIKE THIS

hunter is a fucking beaut still..


전민아 : 울면 되게찌? says:


Saravanan Govindaswamy says:

very nice tutorial…I have learned something today. Thank you very much.

SL4RK says:

Nice tutorial

Miguel Casas Arrojo says:


I am Always Right says:

16:34 whoa, what’s this “we”? don’t bring me into your mistakes, Tiedie.

Salvador Peráñez says:

Nice Tutorial, i like this effect

Ruth Park says:

Thank you so much!! 🙂 doing my version now so excited:)

Charlie Harding says:

Tiedie, how do you make the grass look more textured, like in the original on the left of the river?

Pirocious says:

why not just make the area you extruded inward blue like you did with the brown inner segments?

David Shawn says:

学习学习 努力成为一只技术汪 谢谢您的发布

OzzyTheGreat says:

when i extruded the grass sphere down to show the water, some vertices are left behind leaving a mesh wall. anyway to fix this?

Nitish Prajapati says:

hats off.

Game Instructor says:

Awesome tutorial dude! This is what I made for first try if you are interested http://imgur.com/gallery/RovA6

ⓐⓢⓗⓘⓢⓗ ⓢⓣⓐⓝⓛⓔⓨ says:

hey.. what’s your intro song.?. its so pumpy!

KhaqiDesigns. says:


This is what I’ve made based on what you showed me 🙂

Badboy DCX says:

I’m trying to make a Mix of a Low poly No man Sky and Little big planet type of game something I really been dreaming about tell me if you think if it’s a cool idea

RecycledPanda says:

The process of how I watch videos like this one-
1. Search up the intro song
2. Listen to the song for another week
3. Realise I have to watch this video

XGamer says:

the house tutorial?

Smile Peper says:

el tío topland se copió el logo

Sebastian Drews says:

Thanks for the great tutorial, really appreciate it! 🙂
Check out my 5 sec light saber animation which includes a little low poly … well, light saber! 😀
Greetings from Germany,

Kelsey k says:

For some reason, no matter what I am doing, if I hit undo once, all of my mat I’ve made to color my polys I’ve extruded on the green sphere, go back to green. They don’t remain their changed color. I saved my project, restarted cinema4d, and reopened my project and all the mats were green with the exception of the blue one.

Does anyone have a fix or an idea as to why this is happening?

Please let me know!

Jens Krüger says:

awesome! THX

Ryan Simrock says:

When you’re selecting the edges for the dirt, use loop selection instead of selecting them all manually.

Alasdair Smith says:

I started using cinema 4D 2 hours ago and followed this tutorial. The outcome looks amazing, thank you so much. I understand so much more about cinema 4D! Thank you so much for the tutorial and keep it up!

Franco Pozo says:

I just watched this and helped me a lot. Was the first time i’ve ever used C4D… I come from after effects so i have a good basis i think.

Chinnu Kutty says:

please share the website from where you downloaded the textures.. you tut is so nice and helpful. inspired me a lot to work more…

В гостях у КастетА says:


Emil Čupić says:

dude can you upload the bg image you’re using ? its fuckin awesome

Luis says:

Fantastic, thanks

Mightrian says:

When you are selecting the “shore polyons”, you are much faster with the loop selection tool (U~L), instead of clicking each one individually. Just a small hint.

Thank you very much for the Tutorial!

AReallyLongAndAwesomeNameThatIsBetterThanYoursInEveryPossibleWay says:

7:30 actually, you can use loop select to select all of them in two clicks ^^

Waqas Saeed says:

Nice Tutorial…. If you like CG check this for inspiration… VERSUS – Amazing film by ManvsMachine. Made in Maxon Cinema4d R18. http://bit.ly/2cEs5eI

dawood badri says:

you are amazing tutor !!!!

Tyler Regnart says:

Awesome Tutorial!!

Noise VFX says:


iLoveTurtlesHaha says:

You should redo these in Maya. Now that you’re doing Maya stuff too. 🙂

RΛNKZ says:

Stop slapping slow. Im gonna call the snow cruelty police on you

Mr Wolf says:

спасибо , круто получилось!

Mihai Alex says:


I Have A Hard On. says:

Never used C4d before. Got 14 minutes into the video. About 30 minutes into my creation. Crash D: rip

spring chen says:

so awesome but so easily to do it.thanks!!!

Franco De vita says:

Dude, you are amazing!! best tutorial I ever seen in a long time. Keep up the great work!!

lucas hogendoorn says:

I get that when extruding:


Help me please!

fyra says:

it looks so nice, and ive actually done everything as you told, but my world seems so round (didnt tick “perfect sphere/ball), i have enough but not too many segments but i really miss the edgy optic. any advice?
heres a link to a picture of it http://www.directupload.net/file/d/4492/lm3835qz_jpg.htm

suupErDiogo says:


i am learning 3d by myself seeing videos like yours
and this just was my 3rd tutorial, so really ty, was great

MonteToast says:

You may heard of wallpaper engine, there you can use a video as a wallpaper, so i thought a planet would be perfect for looping it. So i strated yesterday with a little animation and with one of the test render i created a wallpaper for myself for the time the animation is fully rendert. ( 1900frame – 4min each) 🙁
I hope you like it. (3440×1440 is my monitor resolution, if you are wondering)


If you have any suggestion to make is better, please let me know.

Mark Flores says:

Drag any way around the screen to scale in al directións simultaniously, you can also save the selectións using “set selection” comand under select menu. Nice vid by the way just turning in to infographics and this is helpfull

Karl Emil says:

Extrude dossent show up when i right click

Semajqt says:

This is awesome thank you so much for the tut!

Roberts Ozolins says:

Awesome tutorial man. I’m just starting out so this was great help.

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