Mastering 3D Modeling in Cinema 4D – New tutorial series

Hey people, long time no tutorial here, but no worries. Last few months I´ve been working hard on Mastering 3D Modeling in Cinema 4D series.
New week I´ll be back with new content for you guys!


Martin Vokatý says:

I just bought your lection, looking forward to learn new stuff from it! 😉

Kubson Kupelski says:

Can i get this UI? (layout) (this introduction.c4d file xd) This will help me a lot

Pukis Pukis says:

Hi Elemetza, I will buy your tutorial, just will get the money at the end of the month will be discount still available then ? And thanks for nice video.

Super Mario Video Production says:

Plz help. When i clicked on wireframe nothing happened. What do I do

Nico L. says:

Very nice!

Manuel Conner says:

another question,
when you´ve been ready with a model like this in the Tutorial. Wich software do you use to unwrap this? Cinema seems not so good for this.

Amaterasu says:

Is your Tutorial easily understandable for people who are completely new to 3d modeling and want to learn it. for people with no expierience at all?

Ashenafi Tadesse says:

Wow it’s greate!

X3D says:

5:52 Are you kidding me!? I needed to know this 2 years ago! Better later than never I guess… Thanks for the tip!

Salty Bear says:

What version of cinema4D are you using?

Agar Crafter_Unknown says:

Elementza, I need help! I’m making a model PC and took about 1 hr you make a USB input for the PC and I need to know how to copy and pasted the USB input so I don’t have to remake it. so I need to how to detach it from the PC.

Kyle Allen Music says:

My cube isn’t split into 4 cubes

Manuel Conner says:

Hey Elementza, this looks like a very nice tutorial. But one thing. In the beginning of this introduction, you said, this is also for people who has no experiance with modeling. For this peoble it is hard to follow, because you say often only the shortcuts but not the tool behind. So for example: “use m-b” and then you get further. Its better when you would explain the tool, like “use m-b for bridge” and then go further. Its only my opinion, but iam new in cinema and although i know the modelingtools from other aplication, its sometimes hard to follow.

W XY says:

I have cinema4d r13… is it too outdated to follow the tutorial? I’m more of a max user but I think a lot of technique can be transfered over?

XGamer says:


MrPhila (They Say I'm Ridin' Dirty, But I'm Just Regular Dirty) says:

Is there something similar to the Loop/Path Cut tool (shortcut K, L) in R17? Perhaps its a different name?

Elementza says:

Full tutorial can be found here:

Use code el3mental for your 15% off

Brett Youlten says:

Tuts look great. As a newb would it be ok to use r17 version?

Lewd. says:

hell yeah !

Max van Andel says:

24:07. idk why it doesnt work for me. i slowly use mw then t but it wont get smaller. am i missing something?

Nils Lidström says:

Awesome! Can’t wait for the following tuts 🙂 thanks!

Jerry Nkumu says:

Thank you

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