Today we are going to have a look at a fun technique, morphing two objects within a lathe nurb.

We are going to be taking full advantage of a couple of mograph effectors and also having a bit of a play with the tracer object.

To demonstrate this technique I thought it would be fun to build up an animation morphing between the classic Coca Cola bottle and Coke can.

let’s take a look at what we are going to create then dive straight in.


Sk Thoth says:

Love this! Original and fun effect!

TheSmokierx says:

Wow this Is like 3 tutorials in one video, and is very easy, thx men

Joe Sullivan says:

Wish all tuts were like yours
so happy I found ur channel


Really cool….awesome….Thank you…..

Azra Firmansyah says:

hi there, this is a good tutorial! but i have a problem on the inheritance. when the object morph, it morph into middle. do you know how to fix this? thank you!

Tim says:

This is awesome, thanks for posting. Cheers

Marienkarpfen says:

wouldve loved seeing that with textures and objects that arent created symmetrically, like a stone with crinkles into .. idk. something

Merille says:

Awesome sir! Please do more tutorials. Your tutorials so far are fun, to the point and very easy to follow. Not a lot of C4D tutorials are like yours so I really hope you do more.Thank you! 🙂 Greetings from Dubai~

conc35 says:

This is the best c4d tuts for me . Thanks mate

Alexandre Crespo says:

great man…thanks for sharing

dia dian says:

why i cant use checklist 2 path in window?

Irulien says:

Love it!

Anderson Silva says:

Is it possible to do this with more than two objects in sequence? How?
Your tutorials are great, congratulations!

Alexander Franke says:

Nice! Can I have different colors on the two objects?

Minuscolo Chao says:

great vids but it’s too fast!

Muhammad Firdaus says:

just subscribed your tutorial. This one is nice. Have been long time looking for this technique. Really helpful. Thanks man. Keep it up more tutorial pls! 🙂

Pieminator says:

Hey Sean, thanks for sharing this incredibly useful trick, you’re one awesome dude!

BShinkicker says:

You sound like Thor.

Multi4nick8 says:

Great tutorial, im trying to make this morph with some text, i’ve the splines for the text but when i try to do the tracing it removes the caps from the letter can u help, love from Portugal

Alberto rojas says:

Close to cry W O N D E R F U L

Zac Design says:

I loved the animation i wish i can get it that good

Tony Lemont says:

Hope you make enough money to get a shirt that fits you… was that a toddler size? Jesus who are you giggling with like a moron? Come on…. get it together twink.

petabyte99 says:

Nice technique. I try to find out how to do this with textures. Will be fun. 🙂

Drew Smith says:

Awesome tuts Sean, look forward to seeing more. Keep it up.

Snuff Animations says:

Wow bro! I love these tutorials that you can not find on any other channel. Keep it up, you’re amazing. Greetings from Venezuela!

Jin Leung says:

Great Great Great!

Sol Barqui says:

Great vid! ❤

Marienkarpfen says:

laif node :0*

Lauren Moses says:

Love this and all your other tutorials. Keep them coming!!!

Geo Motion says:

Super useful pal!!! Thx from Barcelona 😉

Gökay Gedik says:

Thanks Sean, great tut! Just one remark, it was a bit difficult to follow at the modelling stage. For the rest all fantastic and useful video.

Arcadeous Phoenix says:

Cool! Now how would you texture this though?

林国维 says:

this is talented!

gerson car says:

Great tutorials! Can you make one about render, I mean lightning and render settings 😀

Loud Graphic Design says:

Hi Sean, It’s great to hear an Aussie accent on YouTube. I love your videos, your camera girl is awesome as well. I’m based in Batemans Bay, south coast NSW.

Israel Peraza says:

amazing tuto!!!

Axel Fernando Huezo says:

Great method, how can control the uv’s?

Arundev Arundev says:

Useful Tutorial..

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