Robotic Arm — Cinema 4D Tutorial

In this tutorial I show you how to model and rig a robotic arm in Cinema 4D as well as setup custom sliders to dock in the HUD to control the movements of the various model parts, making animating extremely easy.

Created in Cinema 4D r14 Studio Edition

*Note* – I seem to have made an edit in the video which cut out setting up the drivers for the fingers near the end of the tutorial. Simply follow the exact same steps as all other controls to make this. In this case though, use positional coordinates of the finger to drive the controller rather than rotational. Hope that helps!

*Note* – R13 does not have the ‘expressions’ option when right clicking on user data. In this case you would right click ‘user data’, select ‘animation’, select ‘set driver’


Drew Nix says:

Thanks a lot.  I learned a ton. I’m dangerous now.

Jonatan R. says:

Thank!! XD Really really great tut :)! Thumbs ups! 😀

Iqbal Syed says:


Dale Anderson says:

This was genuinely a very good tutorial. It takes a long time to get to the controls but it’s necessary and worth the time. Bravo sir, you have won a new subscriber.

nickofzo says:

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot.

William Cuthbert says:

This is gonna work great for an upcoming project i have!! Thanks mate great tutorial

EJ WEI says:



it’s been two days folks, ready to finish up this animation. need help on the set up of the font.


hi pal i have problems with the animation of the fingers when move the palets the grips move move in the opposite direction why?

Dheeraj Govindraju says:

I see where you were going with the typo at 21:30 lol

Sebastian Holm Nielsen says:

I followed along and somehow managed to get everything right, so thank you for the thorough tutorial, easily understandable language and sense of organization – it was very educational!

Wynema Osborne says:

I am working in cinema 4d r17. I followed your tutorial step by step. While yes it was a great tutorial once I reached the end I could not get the fingers to move or for it to do properly in user data. It still wanted me to set a driver and then when I did the fingers disappeared. I did the tutorial twice to make sure I did everything right and still ended up with the same result.

The S1ash says:

I’Ve learned so much from watching this! :O

mahmoud alapasery says:

did u made any tut. in how to texture and lighting the scene? plz


have read all comments and nothing about the font… having font issues. need the break down of how it’s done and where do I put the font in master, I figured out all the rest for the arm and come up with my own extras add ons. just needing help with the font.

Olav3D Tutorials says:

This makes me want to learn Cinema 4D 😮

NDOUBADE Bienvenu says:

I done with your tuto, but I want to take object with my Robot, but I can’t do it, please, I need your help. Thanks

D0an says:

Hi Travis, Is there a download link to this project?
Thank you.

Arash Ahmadzadeh says:

really helpful man , thanks a lot

Mohammed Sameer says:

how can i hold a cub by robotic arm

Alagu Clinton says:

how am i going to add text to the robort

Drew Nix says:

I’ve been trying to figure out how to attach text to grabber. Been raking my mind and searching tutorials for hours. Can you tell me in a nutshell how to accomplish that?

Régisseur Le Biplan says:

Thanks !

The Trainman says:

Very Nice!

Zac Sandler says:

brilliant tutorial, thanks!

Munsur Rahman says:

Thanks good tutorial

Waleed Barozaiq says:

but i do not get hole in arm when i make but connect into extrude

how i can fix?

theDracoIX says:

You have to be fucking joking with the smacking. Really? Are you fucking retarded? Go kill yourself.

abdulkarim alkhaledi says:

Thank you man that was so usefull i liked the HUD in your tutorial thanks alot

Flaudemiglio says:

Very good! I just do the tutorial, I will now insert texture, thank you!

Chuck Cureton says:

Nice tut Bro 100

Bagera Studio says:

Wonderful Travis I can’t say any thing less than Wow ..But can you help me to get this sounds effect like this one you used in your project? I can’t find a good website or blog has this kind of sounds. Thanks bro.

Adam Alaby says:

Use SolidWorks for mechanical production, more accurate


where do I place the font so that the finger grab the title? I’ve place the font in the Hand Null, Fingers and Finger control null and each time the font moves when I operate the wrist, hand and fingers. don’t want the fingers to continuously hold on the the font title. confused.

PureSolidState says:

Awesome!! Subscribed!! How do you make the fingers grab objects?

الكناس 100K says:

شكرااا الف رحمة عالروح والديك

Seven And says:

Very Cool! Thanks !

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