Sliced Gold | Cinema 4D tutorial – Part I

A very requested one, this is a humble premiere in doing tutorials, hope you like it.

Part II & III incoming.

song : Lullaby – Yung Logos


Jose Burbano says:

Man I love your work!

locos1666 says:

What specifications do I need to be able to work with that professional level program as well as Maya?

Animating Life says:

When u will update the 2nd part

Keri To says:

nice tutorial! Thx!

Hoang Nguyen says:

cant wait to see the next one ❤️

Andrea Garza De Leon says:

Subscribed! this is one of the best c4d tutorials I’ve seen so far! please keep making more! <3

معرفة says:

Can i use your video in my video ?

TCrafta says:

Cool stuff

Borja Llorens says:

thanks thanks thanks for this!

Giridhar Sharma says:

Thnk you, keep them coming 😀

Thiện Bùi Xuân says:

wow!!!! thank you so much ! I have a question, does it have any method to make this object really cut ?

bonex says:

part 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Short Tutors says:

wait for part 2 and render tutorial

Lev Travkin says:

Thnx bro

Chris says:

What software do u use to edit ur videos?

Flavius Căpățînă says:


Julien Legrand says:

Thank’s dude ! 🙂

tse60 says:

Please make more tutorials

F T says:

Good tutorial, I can’t wait for the next tutorial. please make another tutorial after this, I can’t wait for the next tutorial

Visual Blender says:

very nice tutorial! Thank you so much! Now I following you and like this. Keep going!

Naresh Yadav says:

learnt a lot thanx.


come iwth part 2 adne 3 please!! please do tutorial on how to place logos inside objects ! i would be aprecciated ! alreday suscribed!

Robin brisset says:

Niiiice !!! Your work is awsome !!

Dark VaPoR says:

Cool tutorial man! Rendered with redshift?

Ian Eisenberg says:

Your work is great! Please make more tutorials!

Lil Sushi ! says:

this is so amazing !!!!!! holy shit thank you so much cant wait for part 2

Manoja Dharmendra says:

Release part 2 please!

Mc Gucket says:

bro when i make it the cube is coming slow and why ?
Cool tutorial <3

Diego Barrios says:

nice tut, waiting for the II part

Ana Saez says:

I have done the first 2:37 minutes a 5 times now. My cube gets stuck inside the shell, Im not sure what am I doing wrong. Following step by step. I am sure you are going to say I probably forgot to delete the lid of the shell but nope! I am not sure and it is driving me nuts

ScaduxX says:

Fucking finally

chang joseph says:

thank you plz more uplaod video ㅠㅠ

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