today I wanted to show you how we can take photos and turn them into 3D scenes.

We will touch on some basic modelling techniques mixed with a bit of camera projection and end up with a 3D scene ready to start building up our animation.

This is a great way to introduce some seemingly complex visuals to your scene and give your photos a whole other dimension.

lets take a look at what I’m talking about in action then dive in and see how it comes together.


Check out the full abandoned photography series by Ell Costi


Echouse軟裝易 says:

Floating out only.= =

mungkey says:

I feel confident I can learn a lot of wonderful things from this tutorial. Thor the god of thunder is teaching. 🙂 #peace

Adam Sullivan says:

aye, keep up the cool vids dude <3

Hambone says:

sean you are the top man

Pada143 says:

Duuuude thank you so much. More please

Donato says:

Hi! Good tutorial 🙂 Where can i find loop path cut? Thanks

Dale Anderson says:

Really nice work. Informative and interesting without waffling on a lot and wasting a bunch of time. Bravo sir! You now have a new subscriber.

Lukáš Kus says:

oh man, your tutorials are TOP!
great work, really appreciate your time and effort with this 🙂

FXunique says:


gregory lewis says:

Your tutorials are awesome. Thanks so much for sharing what your knowledge. I hit rewind often but you have taught me so much. Thanks again!

Lawjestaw .horay says:

can we do camera projection on a video instead of an a single image ?

hezi josef says:

Great channel! i like how clear you are and make things simple. Can you please make also some render tutorials?

the___ stone says:

Hey I am Ur 1k subscriber

Florent Abega says:


Kraphik ThreeDee says:

thanks man this is good for quick archviz too

John Kappa says:

Great tut Sean. Might be nice to show the final render full screen at the end to finish.

202gonzo says:

Would you recommend this tut if I have Octane?

Ferlaur says:

Ok I found it interesting but with that kind of result I would have done it much quicker with after-effects, same or better parallax result: green background behinds theses balls + camera movement. My point is : nice trick but too time consuming for the final result.
I subscribed anyway.

Loshke says:

Nice work, only one thing i would change is adding some thickness to the doors.

YourChannelHere says:

Really nice tutorial! I’d improve on it by positioning your background planes much farther behind, though. The flying spheres make it look “fake” because the distance is wrong, so they are really small compared to the window but huge compared to the doors. Keep up the great work (:

Gregory Stapleton says:

Extremely informative!

Jason Chris says:


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