Tutorial Cinema 4D : Ivy Grower Plugin

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Hi Everybody today I’ll show you How to use the Ivy Grower Plugin in Cinema 4D
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You can Download the Free Plugin Here – C4D R13 & Highter
☛ https://goo.gl/jcdQf7

The Plugin Ivy Grower is Free and has been made by “Thomas Luft”
☛ http://graphics.uni-konstanz.de/~luft/ivy_generator/

Best Regards ☛ https://www.informatik.uni-konstanz.de/

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C4D Tutorial Steps |
– C4D Modelling a Column
– How to set-up the scene
– How to use the Ivy Grower Plugin
– Adding and setup an advanced Volumetric light in the scene
– Creating a beautiful Materials
– Finally how to setup an advanced rendering in Cinema 4D


comedia 3D says:

sou unico brasileiro?

KriTicaLKiLL says:

Are you giving it “birth”? Like you press the grow then it’ll stop growing or you manually stop it then for the leaves and branches to be created you press birth.

Lawrence Black says:

thank you very much

MrShreaded says:

or install

aciduss says:

Fastforward to 5:00 or you will lose 5 minutes of your life watching a column being modeled.

frankytap says:

can you change with the grower grows? like grow in “rope” if you want?

Lawrence Black says:

I’m working on that … thank you very much for your support 😉

Jerome Aanand says:


unlimitedgamertag says:

you have to double click

Omar Allam says:

Hey there! 
Good job 😉 
Where can I find “visualize” folder??
can you give me a link to download it please !!!

stefa1687 says:

Great tutorial!
But I had to find other materials because my C4D doesn’t have them…
Could you send me the files?

mizz Xcrafter says:

thank you

rakesh kumar says:

actully i’ve taken text and i appied lvy grower plugin to text but it doesn’t any reaction on text..like what you showing in the video leaves moving..how can i apply it to the text

oswaldo webel says:

awesome man great tutorialllll

Criminal Shifteh // Back-Up Channel says:

is there a voice over on this because i cant hear it

Elite Artworks says:

……………….i didn’t works (R 13 ) When I push the Grow Ivy button nothing happens

Tri-Wick says:

Thanks dude… gonna help me with my forest ;P I was planning to make the ivy using mat displacement and other things, but this made my work like, idk , soooo easier.

Kevin Fernando says:

Fantastic, I like it!

Shivhari kulhari says:

i have r13 plugin but not workng … please help

Can savaş says:

Thank you but how can ı find this plug-in for R16 ?

Tim Hunkemöller says:

could you show us your setting to grow exactly these ivys?

ija mawa says:


Lawrence Black says:

thank you very much 😉

mimi mimi says:

Hi! looks great. Where do I place the folder/files for it to work? Im new to cinema….
thanks btw

Kurd Art Force says:

Hey, is there a plugin for Cinema 4d R15? how i get it for cinema 4d R12?

Willyam's channel says:

umm it only gives me one branch… help me plz


this plugin only give me 5 branches or 10 max, why???? im in R15

MrShreaded says:

how do i extract it to cemina 4d r13

Terra Brusenbach says:


Luffy Monkey D. says:

Man, you are my hero! First of all Great Video and than thanks a lot for the link of download, i wasn’t able to find this plugin anywhere. THANKS

RAY LIU says:

when I click grow Ivy,there are no  any braches growing.Why?

Worawit Duangchomphu says:


Nurlan Akylbekov says:

yeah, great tutorial. thank you

Luca Alba says:

Lawrence sei italiano?

boski says:

any news?;/ I really need this

KriTicaLKiLL says:

You should work on getting a mic so you can talk us through it as well, great tutorial though, helped me out

Ronbugy9 says:

no volume???

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