3 FCPX Creative INTERACTIVE Text & Title Ideas (TUTORIAL)

In this Final Cut Pro X tutorial, I show three simple ways of making added text interact with a scene. We go underwater, turn on flickering neon lights, and wipe out a text/title by passing by.

0:14 – Underwater Text Effect
0:59 – Flickering Neon Text Effect
2:00 – Text Wipe Effect

But what about the fonts? No worries! I’ve got you covered.

List of fonts used:

– VCR OSD Mono (downloaded) – http://bit.ly/2HcMp1O
– Takumi Yutori (downloaded) – http://bit.ly/2svdQP2
– APJapanese (downloaded) – http://bit.ly/2sFV1sT
– Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN (included with macOS Sierra)
– Futura (included with macOS Sierra)
– Proxima Nova (included with macOS Sierra)
– Avenir (included with macOS Sierra)

Have fun exploring these ideas, and please do share what you come up with.

Thank you so much for watching 🙂



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Kohdesh Studios says:

You are awesome Le Sora!!!

矢作英一 says:

I am Japanese boy.
Le Sora used Japanese called hiragana,Chainese characters.
Is she Japanese?

HOT54UCE says:

Love it!!! Thank you <3

Nicky Chan says:




SlushiePie says:

Where do you get all this beautiful footage from?

read my mouth says:

Slayin’ you make complex things into simple ones. Thank you so much.

Kirk Holmes says:

are you from Toronto!?

Ania Westwood says:

Thank you so much, this was super helpful!

Ruhel Uddin Ruddyuddy says:

Love how you say that’s all I have for you today lol. Thanks again for yet another very useful tutorial

Addyraddy9 says:

I was wondering if you had the sound effect for the light flickering?

MNA Bhuiyan says:

Sora could you show us colour editing. you are the best in FCPX

Anthony Young says:

Le(t’s) have S(om)ora Le Sora. 😉 Ahem. Okay, that was terrible. Really I’m embarrassed. Honestly though, a big thanks for bringing us great tips with very clear instructions, and delivered with such a lovely voice. We really appreciate you and always look forward to your next video. 🙂

Natalie Benks says:

Pure masterpiece! Thank you so much for these amazing tutorials❤

Team Rhythmus says:

Thank you so much. Your tutorial videos are really simple but totally understandable. I subscribed your channel and I’ll support you, girl!

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朱铭 says:

Love u!

Godly 010 says:

こんにちは 日本から見てます!

ChiniGiri says:

how can i stop loving you, you make things so simple and your voice, god it killing me . Great job Le sora


0:02 I am your Korean fan. I am learning well by watching good video clips. I just have one more question. I wonder which LUTs you use to calibrate colors.

DolphNato Productions says:

So glad I found your channel :-)!!

Irracho 39 says:

Awesome thanks

Suitcase Monkey says:

This is the channel I have been looking for… Great work!

Victor Rios says:

Thank You!

Ryan says:

Your tutorials are the best ones! Very easy to learn!!

Life Pocket Knife says:

Your stuff is really dope… I’ve been using your techniques to help my videos be better 🙂 Thanks!

Sean Peterkin says:

Hey love your vids! the use of music is also very soothing. Do you mind telling me what application you use to record your screen and zoom in closely and such?

旅ブロガーえいすけ says:


Pedro Uriartte says:

Thanks so much for sharing! I am starting with FCPX and love your work. Please consider putting together a color grading tutorial. Thanks again!

YagFunky says:

wow!!! Thanks

JAK FIFA says:

please tell me.. what Lut’s did you use?? thanks

Oraaa YT says:

Thank you! I needed this bc I just bought Final Cut Pro c and getting used to it!

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張克銘 says:

Simple way to make miracle

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