Cinematic Slow Motion Tutorial – Final Cut Pro X

Everyone is always after that slow motion thang. Here’s a tutorial on how to achieve it in Final Cut Pro X.

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hemo1985 says:

Hi Omar! Thank you for your video. Ok, so you film at 100-120 fps, you start your project at 24 fps or so and… What about the final exportation? 24 fps too, isn’t it?

TNReels says:

well someone told me that if you want a slow mo video you should go for 60fps to make it less choppy. So what’s the truth? I film sports.

BeerTastingChampion - Danni Munro says:

My gopro hero 5 Black 1080 120 FPS footage imports to the latest FCP version as 60 FPS, according to the inspector window. I’ve tried EVERYTHING and searched for days; can’t figure out why this happens. When I set to automatic speed on my 30 FPS timeline, it’s choppy, not smooth like it used to be in previous FCP versions… FCP is obviously deleting frames so my 120 FPS is now 60… help a girl out?

Official Kelby says:

more tutorials!

jingu says:

if you’re on a 24 fps timeline why would you slow down 60 fps by 50% when it would in fact actually be slower at 40%?? when you slow down a 60fps clip by 50% you’re effectively making it 30 frames per second on a 24 frames per second timeline which means for every second six frames are going to get skipped and you’d actually get choppier footage than if you had slowed it down to 40%. anyway great video!

Marcon Pangan says:

too much talking small work

Andre Sandy says:

How do I get that color correction plug in?

Rob Dymott says:

dude thanks for the video, you accent is all of the place where are you from!

Emmanuel Olajide says:

I love your slow motion effect perfect. i just want to ask in Africa we don’t shoot on NTSC. we shoot on PAL because of that we don’t have more frame rate like you guys. my Sony A7sii XAVC S 4K only allow me to shoot on record setting 25p 100M and 25p 60M. what’s advice i can you give me.

Rizwan Ashraf says:

You’re a life saver.

Yassin vlogs says:

how to dowload it for windows ?

Behind The Cake says:

I like the way you explain the process, very easy to follow. I am learning how to edit my videos so this is so helpful. Thanks. ~ Vero

Lenoxii says:

whats up Omar ! i justed subbed

Black King says:

fuck you why did you dont tell us at the first of the video you filming with higher p

Daniel Mendoza says:

so if you do 60fps you can choose a 24fps rate and still get a good slow motion video correct? thanks by the way, already subscribed 🙂

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