Clip Auditions – Final Cut Pro 10.3 Tutorial – Part Eight

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FCPX Clip Auditions. Final Cut Pro 10.3 Tutorial Series, part eight, Clip Auditions. This is a complete A to Z tutorial for Final Cut Pro X. This is part eight of the series. When you have more than one clip that could be used in a certain part of the video, you can edit a clip into your storyline, watch it, find the second clip, replace edit it in, review it, and so on. FCPX has an awesome time saving feature for this scenario, called clip auditions. You select all your clips you wanna try, and create an audition clip. Then, you drop it into your storyline, where you can easily cycle through all the clips with keyboard arrows and select your favourite. I’ll also discuss three different types of markers you can drop into your timeline, normal markers, to do markers and chapter makers, and when to use each type. And, towards the end of the video, I’ll teach you three more ways to trim your clips, including, “Top the Head”, “Trim the Tail”, and “Trim to Selection”. This will also be the first time we use the Range Tool. If you haven’t seen them yet, part one was about importing media. Part two is all about tagging and organizing media. Part three was making a rough cut, and part four was adding B-roll. In part five, background music and sound effects were added. Part six is about exporting video to your mac and sharing on YouTube. Part seven, is about going back and improving your video based on feedback you received. Make sure you go back and watch them. New videos coming every week, so please subscribe so you don’t miss them. If you enjoy this video please like below and feel free to leave any questions in comments. I’ll do my best to answer them. Thanks for watching!

FCP 10.3 Tutorial Playlist –

Part One – Importing Media –
Part Two – Organizing Media –
Part Three – The Rough Cut –
Part Four – Above the Storyline –
Part Five – Audio & Sound Effects –
Part Six – Exporting & Sharing to YouTube –
Part Seven – The Second Pass –
Part Nine – Speed Effects –
Part Ten – Video Effects –
Part Eleven – Video Transitions –
Part Twelve – Three Point Edits & Compound Clips –
Part Thirteen – Video Titles –
Part Fourteen – Audio Effects and Keyframes –
Part Fifteen – Finishing the Audio Mix –
Part Sixteen – Sharing and Archiving Projects –

Please watch: “Color Grade Video with FCPX Effects”


Music Submarine says:

just want to say how great your videos are. I’ve literally binged watched all of the FCPX ones and am watching through different ones again. thank you!

林建志 says:

I learn new tips about hotkeys “Command+Option” “Option+”. Keep sharing FCPX Tips,Please.

Eris CIIIL says:

Great stuff. Should have more views. I love that you don’t change your intonation a whole bunch just to make it fun. Helps me focus on what you’re teaching. Thanks LPTGuy.

New Roads says:

great video just found your channel and its going to improve my video from know on just learning final cut-keith

thomaskupracz007 says:

Thank you! Those clip connections were driving me NUTS!

Above Ground Level Videography L.L.C. says:

Love the down and dirty format. Very efficient, straight forward tutorials. Thank You!!

Dashcam Georgia says:

Eight down, two to go… 🙂 I’m adding notes to a Word file as I go along so it takes a while.

Christopher Kohn says:

Great help for starters. Thank you!

devalah says:

can’t help commenting again just to thank you for sharing this knowledge and in such a concise, well structured manner!

PGR Editing Lab says:

wow…… Thank you very much master .. lot of help for my work ….

Old Boy says:

Slowly learning shortcuts .Thanks

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