Color Grading Tutorial – Final Cut Pro X

Watch this quick video on the main uses and how to color grade your footage.

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Rama Tammineni says:

buddy, you’re great!

Al Hamilton says:

Another crucial tutorial that helps improve the ’emotion’ of my “film look” video stories.

Ryan_n says:

thanks so much dude

Hary Haryadi says:

Thanks for this help 🙂

Danny Kansas says:

FYI: There’s a fair bit of distortion when listening on higher-quality headphones/studio monitors.

Alex Pillay says:

thank you

JSYVM says:

Is it possible to color correct NTSC video to look like PAL video? They have different colors, but I prefer PAL. I am from the US, so unfortunately I cannot use PAL. If anyone can help me I would be appreciated. NTSC (my video) PAL
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Jon Peters says:

Such a great tutorial buddy, I intend to go through each of your FCPX vids and continue to learn.
Looking forward to any new posts. Thanks again, your a great help…..

signaturelifestyle says:

can you colour grade the entire clip of your whole film at the same time?

Jay Hazelwood says:

Good tutorial. Short and straight to the point which is great. But why not put the boat as the thumbnail for the video. I clicked looking for that cinematic look, but still left learning something so overall no complaints.

Dev Suthar says:

Awesome videos KingTuts! I was having an issue where the “Color Correction” was not under “Color”. What I had to do was click on “Effects” on the bottom right bar which is located next to the camera icon. Then you have to select “color” and click “Color”, and then double click on “Color Correction”.

ScottieMedia says:

If anyone wants to know how we have done any effects in our list of videos on our page just hit us up. Go have a look through them all. Also we do official Instagram preview video clip videos, also on the channel to see. Contact us.

HAC_TV says:

Desk tour! 😀

Ryan Thai says:

thank you for this tutorial

Ibnfatota ابن فطوطة says:

after i saw a lot of videos for color grading i have realized that it depends on each person taste so guys there are no rules for it just do what you feel is good

Zark Oner says:

thank you sooooo much

Michael M. says:

Thanks for the great tutorial!!!

A Jrizzle says:

Cool your directions on this was perfect! Thanks!

Lorenzo Butcher says:

This is a very helpful video because I was planning On getting a plugin but I didn’t saved a lot of money!

Marc king II says:

can you do a video on getting a adjustment layer in fcpx

Charles Gwynn says:

How do you use luts?

DCarps Vlog says:

Awesome videos bro! Keep them coming. Super helpful!

English Learner says:

Can you do a tutorial on how to achieve the cinematic look?

JoeKen says:

Thx a lot 🙂

Tom Voyage! says:

Thank you mate!

Nihal Shah says:

Thanks you so much

Seano says:


Peter Parker says:

Yo can you do a tutorial on how to color grade with vsco film? Please thanks!!!!

Jakub Lebr says:

How you can change colours and don’t look at the luma and stuff? 😀

Craig Fuhr - FLIPClub says:

Awesome video my friend!!! You really know how to give “just the right amount” of info – and you present it in a calm, cool, and very professional manner. Keep up the great work! I’m a new subscriber.

Wedgie Miller says:

very good for my basic knowledge, thanks!

Alex Simon says:

to my eye the graded image just look like a wrong WB was selected, but I guess that’s not the point of the tutorial

Coco Lee-On says:

The problem is: I’m color blind.

Letis Go says:

I loved the video – straight to the point, quick and instructive! thanks

Lukon Fotography says:

Worth watching 🙂

Sarah Salsabila says:

Thank you very much!!

Space Coast Aerial Solutions LLC says:

Helping me a lot man! I appreciate you doing these videos.

nel says:

nice, thanks for the easy tutorial.

Sandeep Deswal says:

great Advice. Thanks

Zach Ahmad says:

Actually, the original video quite OK, unless you shot it in flat profile

TheDrolls PH says:

How to do you paste the same color correction on other videos?

Abrasive B Productions says:

How much do you charge to color grade short films or do you offer those services?

_pudu says:

not really a good tutorial, you just said bring this up, bring that down, etc but not given the reason for choosing your colour for color correction.

LiaLeigh says:

Thanks So Much! This was short and straight to the point!

bennn82 says:

Mate how do you get the split screen up so you can see before and after correction in same shot????

Adams Avenue says:

You should do a video on how to single out 1 color in a video and the rest black and white or more just dark.

Nathan B says:

For a short five minutes color graded clip in the video you think 4gb of memory is enough or I should go with 8gb?

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