Create Cinemagraphs in FCPX – Final Cut Pro Tutorial 2017

Create cinemagraphs in Final Cut Pro. Today we’re going to learn how to make a cinemagraph. A cinemagraph is basically a still picture, in which a minor and repeated movement occurs, giving the illusion of animation. This technique is very popular on Instagram, where adding a little bit of movement to your still photos can really make them stand out. Making cinemagraphs is a great way to bring your still images to life, and they can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be.

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MABO says:

Simple and well explained 🙂

Jen Pirante says:

Really cool and simple. Thanks!

Cape Breton Media Productions says:

thanks! I will be experimenting with this soon!

TéléHay says:

Pour les français qui ne comprenne rien et qui ont besoin d’aller s’inscrire sur un forum pour les bouffons comme FCPX…Il faut mettre la tête de lecture de la time line sur l’endroit et faire Alt+F sa crée la sequence en arrêt sur image il y à plus qu’a détouré à l’aide du masque la partie. Attention pour faire son tuto il faut utiliser un plan fixe ou la caméra est sur un pied ou poser la caméra de façon à prendre un plan d’ensemble comme sur son exemple si c’est un liquide, on peut de la même filmer sur un pont une autoroute un aller et retour et utiliser le masque pour d’un côté gauche ou droit soit l’arrêté ou bien ralentir pendant que l’autre côté est en lecture normal.

aussienik says:

Like the way you talk. Simple, precise and perfect tutorial. Thank you.

Sandeep Deswal says:

you made it simple … although i had seen the way before.. now it can be more innovative….Thanks once again.

Adidasp4 says:


ADMR1985 says:

nice concept. See this alot on Facebook at the mo but im thinking il add this as a nice touch in one of my videos were i use my drone to add a new element to the whole video. As i find people dont just want to watch a full drone videos anymore so ive started mixing drone shots with hand held. Thanks for sharing

mark shirley says:

Thanks – that’s the quickest simple tutorial I’ve seen on this subject – well done – I’ve subbed.

wan-der-lust says:

very cool

Bryon Lape says:

I cannot place his accent on short vowels. Sometimes I think upper mid-West. Other times I think Canada.

Luv2H8Me21 says:

Awesome video. Loved it ! Please keep making these awesome videos

Andy Hutchinson says:

Great video – thank-you 🙂

BassPlayerAvailable says:

A few comments I have here: Firstly in some situations I’d consider shooting the clip with a faster shutter speed and/or higher FPS so you will NOT have blur on the runner (So it looks more like a photograph). Also I’m going to guess that most people will want to convert the final video so that its an unlimited looped animated gif. So feel free to explain how to do this too. Great vids as ever though, short, concise and with various levels of skill.

Maria Cibrian says:

How do I get it to be constant move (loop )?

Martha J. Moore says:


Piet van 't Zelfde says:

Still have to repeat this many times, but loved it!!!

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