Fast Final Cut Pro Editing Workflow

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I thought you’d enjoy seeing a rundown of things I do in Final Cut Pro that speed up my editing and hopefully they’ll help you to spend less time editing and more time getting content out there 🙂

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TOPPH says:

save a lot of time using the blade tool. keyboard shortcut command [ (trim start) and command ] (trim end). this changed my life.

Don Smith says:

One of my most favorite keyboard shortcuts is the one where I replace a clip on the timeline. Select the clip to replace on the timeline and then select a clip from the Browser. Opt-R replaces the selected timeline clip as a Replace from Start (maintaining the length of the timeline clip), or Shift-R which does a Replace (browser clip length overrides timeline length). Also, yes, you can Shift-B (Blade) the primary storyline or multiple selected clips at the playhead, or simply Shift-CMD-B blades everything at the playhead.

DAVE Digital and Vinyl Expert says:

Great Video Harv. Thanks

WildWildBoar says:

Hi, could you please share link to the adjustment layer you use? Thanks

Thanh Binh Bui says:

Great tutorial. Thanks a lot Harv

George Antony Robles says:


Christina Star says:

Such an awesome video. Thank you for the fast pace, great tips, and quality content w/ audio and visuals!!

Ananth Agastya says:


Shura Shumsky says:

so, there are lots of free versions of layers plugins, but then can you please recommend the one you are actually using?

Lifetime Travelmates says:

Thank you so much for this video! So useful and helpful!!

jaya murugan says:


HowToEvery says:

Great stuff, though where do you keep that set of effects for grading?

The Peregrine says:

Great video! Can I ask you what color correction you use? My fcpx does not show these 4 gradient circles. Is that a preset?

Houston Brown says:

Beautiful. Just learned some great new shortcuts that will help my workflow. 🙂

Adrian Iwanowski says:

hey Harv, those are great tips. Please share your Adjustment Layer plugin cuz it’s seems a lot easier then those founded on Google. Thanks!

Roadrebelz says:

Loved this tips!

Rene Sebastian says:

Great video Harvey, but I have a small tip for you to. Dont copy stuff off other projects, just hit the ‘Save effects preset’ button and re-use your settings super easy. Save’s me tons of time and dont need to open old projects for it.

Fernando Quinones says:

Thanks this helped a lot

Adrian David Payne says:

Option Command X does nothing but make my computer beep…

Don Smith says:

Make your own Adjustment Layer in Motion without knowing anything about Motion. Start Motion, start a new Title. Delete the title text. Save As ‘Adjustment Layer’.

The Construction Podcast says:

Video. Audio editing would be great to see how you done it. Thank you

dtu studio says:

I am not able to open XDCAM file from drive in the FCP x 10.4.3 . It is showing green screen with no audio and video . please help

Dario Prski says:

Man that sync audio option that you explained is a lifesaver. I just got lav mic that I was planing to use on a separate phone while filing and I was already worried about how the hell am I going to sync audio and video from 2 devices. Thanks a lot!

Silent H says:

I actually got a lot from this. Thank you!

PGR Editing Lab says:

wow….. please add more tips…… thank you very much

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