FCPX – Text behind object tutorial

How to make your text appear behind an object.


520 Radio says:

I followed the steps but the keyframe won’t save. How do I get it to save?

Methaqca S says:

Awesome … Thanks … really clear description i like it. Can you please give us this filter called ( Draw masks )

Gokul Srinath says:

Fuckin Awesome

notabluff1 says:

Mate, this is great, nice work, nice tutorial… I love it.. keep it up.

Natanael Hansen says:

Thanks so much! I’ve been looking for this for months. Going to use this method for moving in front of computer screens that have been overlaid!

Bari Bari says:

thank you!!^^ easy for beginner to understand!

Expedição Margarita says:

nice one mate!

Beccy Paige says:

Great video! Except Im really stuck and I have no idea how to download the draw mask effect!! Could somebody please help, Im trying to download it for free if thats possible but so far I can’t find any site that promotes it 🙁

David L. Walker says:

Thank you

Sassy Shuchi says:

Great job done.. I am travelling to Chicago for longweekend.. I am surely going to use this technique for my vlog 🙂

Sebastian Pritchard says:

I have 120 fps, so this may take some time…

maitham2008 says:

very beautiful tutorial

TheWildBoobert says:

Thanks bro!

Anupam Kumar says:

Aftereffect has been come little bit now in FCPX

Haitian Picasso says:

very helpful

Methaqca S says:

Thanks . really I like it .
can you please share draw mask for us .
thanks again.

yaknbo says:

Thanks. So you mask out the text as he walks. Brilliant.

Posture Protector says:

Hello! curious if you can answer a question for me. I found this title on video hive I absolutely LOVE: https://videohive.net/item/blocky-titles/19808874 
However, I need this same type of title for FCP X. But can’t seem to find any vendors on video hive that offer this (I’ve searched for weeks). Do you happen to know any other comparable sites that offer similar titles like video hive. This style of titles is everywhere now, and I don’t know the official name for them is “Blocky Titles”. This link seems to be the only place on earth to find them lol. PLEASE HELP ME!!! any guidance on how to acquire titles like this for fcpx is greatly appreciated! (I’m a novice in editing so I need something I can plug into fcp)

mrs ghugloth says:

this is amazing! really simple and thorough! thank you

Sohil kumbhar Edits says:


MomentsOfRamy says:

Nice tutorial brother

Beats and Fast Cars says:

Cool! Keep up the good work.

Emilio Roman says:

Damn that was good

Kiera TheFox says:

Thank you!

Chameleon theatre says:

Love it. Thanks!

m s says:

It looks great. Thanks!

Salvation Studios says:

Great tutorial my friend – thank you!



Compass North says:

WOW…that was great. Thank you for this video.

Davian Cela says:

Thanks so much man! I’m in a moviemaking class(7th grade) and have loved making videos since about two years ago. great job!

JulesIsAlive says:

400th sub

Less Talk, More Delicious says:

In FCPX, does anyone know how to make titles/text automatically resize itself to fit the screen? …similar to/like how iMovie auto-resizes titles/text.

pappys productions says:

Awesome. Thank you

Nihal shamy says:

Very inspiring, thanks for sharing!

Lady NOC says:


Mike and Mandy Perkins says:

Thank you for sharing

Sanjay Dey says:

thanks for video


damn awesome …..bro you made my day do make intro as well dm me on Instagram, i need a really good paid intro for my channel

Meraki Productions says:

What do you mean by lock it? when you select the keyframes, how do you locked them?

Rail Faner says:

Can you do this with iMovie?

Shaik Samiuddin says:

Awesome, thanks

Lady Photographer says:

Super! Tutorial I really love this video

Love To Learn says:

SOO COOL! Excited to try this! Thank you:)

Samwise Loh Wee Khee says:

Thank you for sharing!

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