Final Cut Pro 2018 Full Class with Free PDF Guide

Welcome to my Final Cut Pro X Class. Grab your free PDF guide here: This 90-minute class will walk you through all the basics of video editing with Final Cut Pro X includes a lot of extras at the end to take your editing capabilities to the next level!

This class and the included PDF guide are free to the public. Thank you for not using ad blockers.
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If you are brand new to editing, you may want to consider first learning how to use iMovie. Watch that class here:

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00:02:45 Where to Store your Footage
00:06:11 Definitions: Library, Events, and Projects
00:09:18 Where to go for what (windows explained)
00:15:16 Importing Your Footage
00:21:06 Trimming
00:23:36 “A Mode vs P Mode” (Arrow vs. Position)
00:26:21 Splicing (Blade Tool)
00:27:28 Audio Editing Tricks
00:30:53 Keyframe Adjustments
00:33:48 Fade Audio
00:34:50 Disable A Clip
00:36:16 Adding Transitions
00:37:12 Adding Titles
00:42:05 Rendering
00:47:34 Trick to Duplicate Titles
00:48:22 Effects
00:56:10 Trick to Copy/Paste Properties to Other Shots
00:58:13 How to Bundle Effects
00:59:35 Learn from my mistakes
01:01:46 Changing the speed of your shots
01:03:43 Adding Voiceover
01:05:53 Exporting Your Project
01:06:35 Bonus Features

Links to Websites and Products mentioned in this class:

David’s Production Gear:

Need an External Hard drive?

MotionVFX – An amazing website that constantly introduces new content for Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Premier, and Apple Motion.

VideoHive- Tons of stock footage, templates, and more. Link:

FCPEffects – A great website for even more effects for Final Cut Pro X: Link here: – A terrific source for purchasing music for your next video production. Use coupon code DAVIDC25 for 25% off!

AudioJungle – Part of the Envato network. They have tons of music and sound effects which you can license for your project. Link:

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SoulHugga says:

Great work thanks David.
Just downloaded final cut.
Do you recommend using the photo app to store all the content or filing it in your own folder setup in finder and not bother with photo at all??

Francisco Cendejas says:

Thanks for all your help

Storm Gaming Montages says:

Thank you so much!!! I am a very new gaming youtube and recently bought Final Cut Pro. This is AMAZING! Promise I never skipped any ads 😛

Sebastian Rosenbach says:

Okay 5:59

Adrian Logan says:

Excellent stuff David, All my videos I’ve created the past 6 months or so have been on FCP and you’re tutorials for the software have made them what they are. You’ve made life a lot easier with learning this stuff. Thanks!

publi edos says:

Amazing piece of work… sad eyes when you said you´re not going yo be paid… sooooo sad ; ) and finally COOL lot of features for the newies with this software. Thanks buddy..!!!

Computer Tricks says:

Amazing tutorial. Tks for share

PanamaGuy says:

I am just starting. Why not make a library for every you tube video or every video I create? keep everything in one folder? I think you have Libraries with more than one video?

Mark Shirley says:

Hi – Thanks this is a fantastic tutorial – Question if in the past I have copied files to the Library and want to delete them is that the library folder within the Final Cut Pro App.

Ajahnee Harris says:

This was very informative!

Courtney Crain says:

thank you so much for this! this was so amazing.

corpomax says:

David, you are so generous. Thanks a lot for this outstanding tutorial about FCP. By the way, what plugin are you using for the red notes that show up during this tutorial???

Dev Anand says:

Yes. Your are gem of person. and wont be skipping any ad. will be playing again and again for more ads. Thanks a ton. you are superb!

TechSavvyDaddy says:

I have been using FCPX for a little over a year, while I do know the basics, I have learned many shortcuts and tricks that make this Application a true Dream, Thank you,​ David!
Keep up the awesome content.

NewsRetiree says:

I learned more about FCP from this video than I did from the 500-page tutorial I read on my iPad. Thank you.

Mark Shirley says:

Hi what was the name of the ‘fly away mode’ you mentioned on your drone – I’ve tried googling it but nothings coming up – I own a Mavic and can’t see it – maybe it’s just the Air.

SoulHugga says:

Hi David.
One thing you left out was from the last video that wasn’t quite finished was key framing your clips to the beat of the music. do you have a completed tutorial on that?
thanks again


Thank you for this class. I found it very helpful. I will have to watch it several times as this program is immense !! I purchased it solely to take my go pro videos of four wheeling and turning them into decent videos.

cschantz says:

ok I’m confused, at approx 8:20 into the video you talk about using the custom settings, my question is, if you’re making a 4K video from your 4K footage and you shot it at 24 FPS and you want to (upscale?) the frames to 30 or 60 FPS – where do those extra frames come from? And, it can’t be any smother I’m guessing. Is the quality going to suffer? I don’t understand the whole upscale stuff.

pablo9364 says:

That’s it ram it with commercials . We don’t care your content on FCP is so good I can watch the adverts. I think you should focus on FCP drones and photography . That’s your forte. JMHO


Thank you for this!

Shamkhal Jafarov says:

played all the adds. amazing tutorial

Cecile Kalayadjian says:

So excellent, thanks so much, I use final cut since 2003, but things have changed so much, and not in the good way, according to myself. I have found out many new stuff into your videos, very helpful 🙂 But do you know if we can change the keyframe inside directly the timeline like for the sound? it will be so helpful.

Ray Coates says:

Great teaching for FCPX

Cherry Wong Photo says:

Much appreciated, more confident
to switch to FCPX after watching this video! Also watched all the commercials! Still an amazing deal!!!

George Reed says:

Great class. I will not skip ads anymore.  You deserve your pay.  Thanks.

Sergio MH says:

Thank you very much! Awesome instruction. I also added two of those webpages to my favorites.

Dark Horse says:

Very good David, a little rushed in some places but enough info to get you going.
Very best to you.

Ar Alkhulaifi says:

Thank you for this Awesome lesson thank you very much .

Bennett Lewis says:

Hello I know This doesn’t apply to the subject matter of this video,but I’m in a tight spot. WHAT PRINTER/SSCANNER COMBINATION IS MOST LIKLEY TO WORK ON A 5 YEAR OLD MAC BOOK PRO

Ralph Woodard says:

Great resource David. Thanks for doing this for us and I also watched all the ads to. I didn’t realize that if you skip you didn’t get paid.

Kahma M. says:

Awsome, perfect timing cause i was about to watch last year’s video and just saw this one. Thank you for these videos

Guillem Torras says:

Thank you, dear David. This one comes so timely as I’m taking a FCPX workshop this month!

Zaid Syed says:

I have already watched your last final cut class a week ago and I know all the basic functions now…..
Can anyone give me a timestamp of where he begins the advanced features ?

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