Final Cut Pro – Basic Editing

Learn the basics in editing with Final Cut Pro. Check out for more HD video tutorials


LPSFluffy ☁ says:

Can u do a tutorial how u do the “magic” like with the fire and stuff? 

brett hatfield says:

been with avid since 1999 cant wait to be done with those fucks.

Andy Astill says:

Hi, is there anyway to synchronise the audio to match the video. My video is out of sync and i’ve been told you can match the sound with the video

StraightJackitstudio says:

thanks so much for the videos

xXBTS JShunaXx says:

can fcp also be used for fmv? (fan made videos) because I have a iMac and I (funny enough) can’t get svp… I just wanted to ask if fcp can be used just like sony Vegas pro!

BigDreamer says:

I’m desperate for help, I thought i have a clean cracked version of fcpx 10.0 i thought everything works normally, but then i looked at other people tutorials i noticed that Trim menu missing, General tab- from preferences also, I try to export it just ignores and nothing happens, so basically a lot of features missing and I can’t export anything. Does anybody knows how to get a clean cracked version.

Kimberly Eversgerd says:

The size of my file / video is way bigger than the viewer window. 🙁 merrrr

Alexandra Holland says:

Theres a beeping noise when I try to play the video, is there a setting I need to change? Please answer.

TributeFilms365 says:
Check the box for applications, and search for final cut pro 7. Choose one that says it comes with a Key Gen (Key Generater), follow the installation instructions, and boom your in. If you want FCP 10 or X, it might take more research, and you might have to search elsewhere. But forsure FCP 7 will be on

maddawg383 says:

Sometimes my video is playing in slow motion but the audio is playing in correct time on the viewer. Not sure what i did but how do i correct this?

Darell Gabriel says:

Can you make a new one for FCPX?

satish kumar says:

hello i m new to fcp can you plz help?

Hana Ahmed says:

That’s svp

Michael Weaselboy says:

I havent used this for SOO LONG thank u for teaching me again!!!!!

Carrington Woods says:

are you able to take a DVD (weather finalized or not) and edit through FCP?

Alex Ortiz says:

Thanks for this video it helped ALOT.. i haven’t edited in a while. Thank you for explaining the “in point” and “out point”

Akash Limbachia says:

you videos are awesome

The Cowman says:

If you were KingofFinalCut, you would have been KFC XD

Sampsonay says:

i like your video but this program is total shit, omg i have to edit on it for my final exams

Vidar Norén says:

Im dont know very much about final cut but I saw some tutorials for final cut pro x or something like that, check it out and see if thats the version you got

Shareen Ho says:

I don’t own a mac and I have a practical exams for FCP tmr. Thanks for all the tutorials mates. 

Chandler Arellano says:

Im doing a time lapse video by using one clip, but I have chosen segments from that one clip to use. I have put them together but it won’t let me join through edit. How do I join them together.

serglinkk says:

That was helpful , thanks.

satish kumar says:

if possible you can let me have your email id so tat i will mail you my doubts

dancingwithbatman says:

if you change the ins and outs on the clip does it change the same clip in the timeline?

deepu deepu says:

can u explain me how to do continuty in fcp

Isaac Botello says:

Where can I download this app for Mac ?

Chak Hei Ryan Lee says:

cuz you’re using final cut pro 10


Does Apple steal your footage from your memory card when you download it into the hard drive, the way that Sony does?

Chak Hei Ryan Lee says:


QuietRiot123 says:

OMG. i HAVEN’T EDITED IN 2 years and this brought me back. thanks. I thought i WAS RUSTY

Mike O'Brien says:

Very good demo. Can I capture video from my camcorder with a firewire cable to my macbook snow leopard with this software. Mike

Minecraft - Украинское сообщество says:

Download torrent Final Cut Pro X 10.4 for macOS FREE –

Chak Hei Ryan Lee says:

this is final cut pro 7

lightsallfading says:

Hey, so I was editing a video and found it saved in my Movies/Final Cut Projects. But when I try to open to it to work on it more, it says, “The document could not be opened. Open documents from within Final Cut Pro.” When I open FCP and try to do THAT via Import, it won’t open my project 🙁 Instead of being white, the text is grey and I can’t select it or get back into it. Surely you don’t have to edit something for hours straight in order to finish it, you must be able to come back to it?

Matthew Diulus says:

Can Final Cut Studio run on a new Macbook Pro 15 inch retina? This one

Alstheim says:

does final cut pro work on windows

Rendy Wijaya says:



I’m trying to find out about how to get into Final Cut Pro editing. I don’t even have a Mac yet. I use to do video tape editing on different formats. SVHS, Umatic, 8mm, as well as having shot stuff on Betacam SP back when it came out. Is this new tech as expensive as the old linear editing stuff was?

Trevor Rooney says:

Wonder if you can help me I cannot hear any sound when I scroll through the film with the mouse i was working before but it stopped? My email address is chasing

Thank you


Beheashta Atchekzai says:

why you so expensive

leahpersonmakesvideos says:

this looks nothing like the final cut pro I have downloaded.

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