FINAL CUT PRO FOR BEGINNERS!!! How I Edit: Tips and Tricks

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Name: Mackenzie
Age: 15
Camera: Canon Rebel T3i
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X

FTC: This video is not sponsored, I purchased everything with my own money and all opinions are my own!!


FiddleStick's bessette says:

cant understand you,talk much to learn off you,sorry.SLOW DOWN,UGH.And speak At ”Same Speace Evenly”smae volume all thry sentence,thank you.

Laci Hitchcock says:

how did u cut the clip into 2 clips? like on i movie to cut a clip you click with two fingers and then click cut, how do u do it on final cut pro?


Very Helpful! Impressive young lady!

Kim says:

Thank you for this! please do one about the music you use. The struggle for copyright free music is real lol

Romelo's Life says:

Thank you for creating this i wanted to find out how to split a clip and insert a short clip in between i’m new to final cut pro

makeupworldgirl says:

I just watched your video and absolutely love it! I’m really needing desperately help on how to edit because I’m a 45 yr old mom that knows nothing about computers but am trying to start a beauty channel. I have one started but I wanna delete my videos because the quality is so poor and am embarrassed. Is there anyway you could Skype or FaceTime me as I try to upload a video, please. My 17 year old daughter wants to learn as well so that she can edit also. I have asked so many beauty guru’s but none of them have messaged me back because they are so famous here on YouTube. It’s like this, they had to learn it too somehow so why not be kind and share the knowledge. It’s quite depressing because I’m trying to do something that I’m very passionate about but keep hitting roadblocks. The way you break it down is my level but I’m more of a “ if someone shows me” I’ll be more than likely to get it. I’m also on Facebook and that way you can see me and my daughter. Just go on my Wendy’s Warriors Facebook page I’m in Virginia and you will see a picture of me and my mother ( who passed away a year ago) up on my profile pic. I’m not a creepy person, that I promise, just needing some help because if I don’t end up surviving my double lung transplant my daughter Brooke can continue my legacy of doing makeup and helping others overcome their struggles with makeup. Thank you for your time and for your video. Which MacBook do you recommend? I’m thinking about getting my daughter Brooke the new MacBook Pro with the touchbar on it. What’s your thoughts on that? Final Cut Pro is already on that one. In my bio on my Instagram is wendeee16 just to let you know

liveloveandb says:

super helpful

Bianca Olivia says:

What colour is your computer? My english is bad but i’m from sweden! Beacuse My computer is A White MacBook

Kathryn Emily says:

loved this video! I cannot wait until I can actually buy it! 🙂

Bryon Lape says:

Nuts…the grey bar is now gone….

Asia Walker says:

I have a quick question. I’m thinking of getting final cut pro as soon as I save up to at least $300 and it seems very professional to have. About the iTunes music, is it just from your iTunes library? Do you ever get copyrighted for using it?

David Walth says:

How to transition smoothly? What I mean is when you drag the “Arrows” transition in, shouldn’t it show the “Arrows” transition? Do you know what I mean? Yours didn’t show it, and it just continued. I want that kind of smooth transition. Thanks for the video it has been really helpful.

shaywifi says:

You’re so close to 5k❤️

Its Lahi says:

this was helpful

Mara Ann says:

This was super helpful!!

imthattube says:

How much would you charge to edit videos

NY Curl401 says:

This is the best tutorial for Final Cut Pro I have found! Great job!! Thank you!

Taylor The Unicorn says:

This is amazing! Im a new subscriber and I love your vids already!!

Lilek says:

buy some mic

Gianna Ferrone says:

This video was SOOOOOOOO Helpful!!!!!! Thank youuu!!!! I don’t have Final Cut Pro yet, but when I get it I will know how to use it right away! Can you PLLLEAASSEE Do a another part to this video?! Thanks

ceren says:

this video was so helpful!

Maddie Jernigan says:

This helped thanks

Jayla Lockley says:

This was probably the most helpful video I’ve watched so far and I’ve watched a lot of videos

Autumn Hamsters says:

you are so beautiful!

Mia Erin says:

this is very helpful thank you <3

ItsAngel says:

great vid what lense do you use

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