Final Cut Pro X Essentials – Titles and Graphics

In this lesson we’re going to work with titles and graphics. We’ll go in deep, from creating custom titles, lower thirds and 3d text.

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The Creative Lady® says:

This series is building my FCPX confidence! Great info about the X, Y & Z space and customizing lower thirds. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

No Limits says:

Where are the previous lessons you mentioned?

Less Talk, More Delicious says:

In FCPX, does anyone know how to make titles/text automatically resize itself to fit the screen? …similar to/like how iMovie auto-resizes titles/text.

Bryon Lape says:

And if the browser of icons isn’t there??

Dark Horse says:

Excellent job of teaching titles, Thank you!
Very best to you.
Cheers, Pete

Actually Films says:

Very informative and very helpful. Thank you.

ifyouknew518 says:

Hey! I really like the preset lower third:date/time but I wanted to take off the day. Any ideas?

loonvisionnaire says:

glitch in the matrix at 2:40

Debra -SMILELaDy Johnson says:

My T disappeared for Text Strange … I love your video

Renaissance Man says:

I can see transitions but how do I get the text bar in Final Cut 10.4? The Text edit does not let me edit the text window

J Grevenstuk says:

How i add the shortcuts in the bar like yours as seen on the right in the middle

Prince Robin says:

Pretty helpful

Renaissance Man says:

How do I get rid of the black bars in my video so I can reformat it to 16:9 format for You Tube?

Lyteck Lynhiavu says:

I am using the latest Final Cut Pro X (2018). I don’t have the “T” icon like you have in the lower right. Help! Why is it hidden? I cannot find any option from the regular menus at the top. Thanks in advance.

Rakesh Kale says:

i want to creat my own color band where is that then i will insert test. please tell me that

Top Gun PDR Training says:

Very informative video. You explain this subject better than I’m definitely subscribing to your channel.

Tetra Ezio says:

Great video subbed how do you do underline on a text thanks.

Richard Bell says:

Thanks for the I O and Q shortcut tips, One thing I am not sure if you are aware of this, when you are in text mode if you click on the very top line where it says NORMAL this opens up a choice of either 2D or 3D presets that I have found to be very useful.

Susan Downs says:

He does not say how to get a background sheet and does not tell how to get what he has in the upper right hand corner

Gavin du Plessis says:

the icons in my light gray bar are nothing like yours, mine doesnt show text or music or anything. How can I fix it?

whizzard blizzard says:

Could you guys do the same series for adobe premiere pro? Pretty please!

E K Dhilip Kumar says:

Thank you Sir. I am learning a lot from your videos. I hit the like button and subs.

Karl Hildebrand says:

Der labert so viel scheisse !

Russell Swindlehurst says:

Thanks Chris, just starting out with FCP X this helped a great deal. Cheers mate.

DarkStarAZ says:

Version 10.3.4
Add “custom font” to timeline
Face color, drop shadow and that entire tab is gone. I can’t even change the size or the font face. That is true for 90% of my fonts. Anyone?

Brandan Roberts says:

how about a border?

Bruce D. Allan says:

Right on!

Yogi Mukhia says:

Informative. Thanks.

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