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If you’ve mastered iMovie and now want to play with the “big boys” software, this class will hook you up. We’ve completely remade our Final Cut Tutorial. We’ll cover everything from how to setup your library, importing footage, shortcut keys, color correction, cropping, transitions, and so much more. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can find out when part II comes out in April of 2017.


WhatsYouLookingAt says:

dos it work for windows ?

Arun Kumar says:

How to import video from my sony ex3 to final cut.

KatiekVlogs says:

Question two can you stack photos in picture in picture

Carlos Canto says:

Your tutorial is awesome! In 1 hr I was editing a video with multiple shots. Cant wait for you advanced series.

Janice Lindsay says:

I am an (almost) rank beginner, having only used iMovie a little, and am stepping up my game to make some more professional videos. The discovery of your Final Cut class was a “sign from God” for me! Your class was awesome! Concise and easy to understand. I will be watching it a few times to get up to speed on Final Cut basics, and will look forward to your follow up Final Cut classes. Already signed up on your website and will happily download your short cut file. If I purchase anything I’ll definitely go through your link so you can get a well-deserved kickback.

Björn Dannberg says:

Hi David and thanks for a number of great tutuals. However I can not find the link to the pdf related to the FCP video. Can you please write it again in this commentary field. Keep up the good work – I am very much looking forward to watch the follow up(s) to part 1.

Kevin Kolbe says:

Absolutely fantastic tutorial! I’ve been editing for a long time – started with tape and A/B roles in post, then to Avid and in the last couple of years Premiere Pro. Been thinking about switching to Final Cut because it’s only me (no colab) and the cost savings over time. Downloaded the free trial, grab some coffee and watched your video. Good stuff dude! Thanks!

Max Hitchins says:

Hello from Australia, David. Love your tutorials. Still working my way through this one and I can’t wait for the next one. My Final Cut video’s are ‘taking forever’ to upload. Any tips on how I can solve the problem? Many thanks. Max Hitchins

Nuno Bizarro says:

Thanks!! Super cool Class.

Rock Toone says:

Kudos to you my friend…….there are MANY tutorial out there in anything and everything, however yours are so far above average and really set the bar. They are simple for the folks who need the basics yet thorough for people who are more advanced. I plan on using the premium classes and some private tutoring soon. Keep up the good work! Outstanding stuff!!!!

Osama Al Zubaidi says:

Best tutorial about Final cut on Youtube.. Many thanks

Bru Vlogs says:

Just started vlogging and this has helped me no end. Thank you so much David! Sub for life after this, look forward to your other videos, cheers 🙂

Tone Sillah says:

Thanks a lot for a “life saving” class for someone who had only a day to learn how to use Final Cut Pro X and to do a lot of editing work! You are excellent as a teacher and it is all easy to get the hang of and in the exact right speed! I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn this program in a short period of time!

nightwalka80 says:

I just want to say thank you so very much. I have decided to start a youtube channel and this video is such a great help. Especially as I am vision impaired the fact that you zoomed in on the smaller icons made this tutorial amazing not to mention I am on the other side of the planet. I cannot wait to practice and I am so excited to see the more advanced videos once they’re out 😀

Vanessa Franko says:

Could you possibly be related to Matthias?

eli parker says:

What time of iPhone do you normally use to create your videos?

Cleve Carter says:

when would we be able to see it?

KatiekVlogs says:

Hi. Is it possible to get this video to watch this video off line. Also the PDF file says it’s not valid.

shivkumar prajapati says:


David A. Cox says:

Hi Everyone. Here’s an update on Part 2! Instead of making one video it’s going to end up being a multi-part series (because we’re teaching a LOT of effects). Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of our control, the video may be delayed. We’ll get it out there as soon as we can for you.

Xi Le says:

How can I import the *selected clips* from the camera SD card into FCPX like iMovie log & transfer has each check box for each clip? *FCPX import window does not have each check box for each clip.*

tlbue32 says:

I like your videos. You take your time and they are thorough. So many of the other videos move to quickly through content. Thanks keep it up!!

SWMVlogs298 says:

I just downloaded Final Cut Pro trial on my Mac book and it looks just like iMovie lol

D. Snuts says:


HopefullyHope says:

Hi, how do you import files from photo library/iphoto?

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