Final Cut Pro X Tutorial Beginners

A basic full and free overview/ tutorial of everything you need to get started with Final Cut Pro X. Perfect for beginners!
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Channa Productions says:

I’m too distracted from the tutorial, your dog is gorgeous Matthew 🙂 Thank you, cool vid, very helpful 🙂

BodaciousWickerman says:

5:15 – I don’t have the buttons at the bottom of the browser. Is there a way to make these visible?

MistaFussichannel says:

Thanks you for taking the time to share your knowledge. I’ve had fcpx for months and I’ve tried using it. It I’m so used to using iMovie I’ve just used that. Your short video will help me put my toe in the water and start to use the expensive editing package I bought months ago. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Fluffy Bear says:

Did you really pay $500 for Final cut???

vac0002 says:

Thanks for sharing that

Luca Stefano Missaglia says:

You saved me!!!!

Gaurav Sood says:

hey people! I have final cut pro version 10.3.3, but there is no Music or Text option as shown in the videos. Someone please help me
P.S i’m just a beginner, so don’t know much. hence, the solution to my problem might be really easy.

Mladd says:

Is it possible to do some dubbling with this program?To record voices over video? I am looking for one.

Rronnie On YT says:

I just got my new LG 7X HD monitor and my 4.500$ Mac Pro and some other supplies and upgraded spec’s storage and more to my Mac Pro and using iMovie or just downloading a obs editor from like Microsoft on all OS’s is better than this I recently found a program that’s easy to use and easy to edit with and it’s free and it’s better than iMovie or FCPX so ummm just recommend my editor or iMovie they’re rlly good

cableaddict says:

So you have to create an event, before you can create a Project? I thought the project was the main thing?

Also, whether a new project or a new event, I see no way to create it on a different drive from the boot drive, yet that is what everyone says is the right way to go. I certainly don’t want my boot drive full of video clips.

Moving on until I find a tutorial that explains the absolute basic things …..

Jereton says:

Great tutorial. Thanks bro.

suraj jain says:

Hi People, I am planning to buy Mac mini. The sole purpose is for video editing, will Mac mini support my cause?

Longzy says:

Bottom right I don’t have that bar, with the effects, music and titles etc can you tell me how I get that ?

Christina Maria says:

Does anyone know how to get the preview window to be so big? I can’t seem to figure it out (not full screen mode, but for the preview window to be as big as it is in this tutorial during editing).

Jesus Cardenas says:

Thanks for everything you’ve helped me made this program easier to use

ron hat says:

I have final cut pro 4. When I open it, I see a browser on upper left, a viewer in upper middle, a canvas on upper right and the timeline is across the bottom section. when I click on file, I do not see anything that says event. I want to fade the audio in a video clip that contains audio. I can do a cross fade but cannot do a normal fade because I do not have the handles that should appear on the timeline audio. No hints that work as yet and my screen does not look like anyone else’s.

aidan diyaaldin says:

love your video

Xi Le says:

How can I import the *selected clips* from the camera SD card into FCPX like iMovie log & transfer has each check box for each clip? *FCPX import window does not have each check box for each clip.*

Brody Butler says:

I love premier however it keeps screwing me over with the monthly billing issue they need to resolve asap. in the meantime ill be using pro x. so hopefully well get this done.

BrownBearsVlog says:

Thanks for the tutorial! 😀

opwave79 says:

Thanks for this. I’m finally going to upgrade from iMovie to FCPX

mano a mano says:

great video

førest says:

thank you! great video!

Sean Hammerli says:

This was amazingly helpful, thanks

Glenn Carretta says:

thank you .. very helpful

joe sharpimage says:

Although is an old video, thank you so much.

Michal Wubs says:

that shit is 300€, 300 fucking euros…

Nathanael Williams says:

This is the easiest most inclusive tutorial I have found. Thank you.

Tim Young says:

This is a great video, and thanks for posting this. But one ? I have, is that if I make a mistake with Ken Burns, or any of the other editing tools, how do I undo the mistake without having to start an entirely new project?

Hanna Murray says:

Hello! Please please can u fix subtitle? I am deaf and I really like to do to movies with my camera.

YoungMuniz says:

How do you make your viewfinder on the video on the right so big?
I have trouble hiding the corner information but your viewfinder is so big

Cris Tina says:

Hi! I’ve a problem with fcp. I’ve made a video but while I was editing , fcp stopped and my project disappeared . I looked for the project but there is no more. How can I find that project ? Please help me . Thank you !

Jacqueline Lucy says:

This is so helpful! Thank you!!

mr. potatoman says:

is it for windows

Lou Arnold - Youtuber Cristã says:

Love this!!!❤️❤️❤️

Josh Cabal says:

What about transitions?

kimber henry says:

PLEASE HELP ME. how do I get my Final Cut Pro screen to look like his with that little time bar thing and then on the right all of the text box symbols so appear on mine. I want to be able to view all my options, like how I see on the right ? Does anyone know how I can change the appearance on Final Cut Pro so I can view more of my options while editing ?

Kevin Xaverius says:

Super helpful! Thank you very much! XD

dana omer says:


JTSharkAttack says:

This is gonna save me in film class

Cole Wogan says:

how do i use luts in FCPX?

Alex Grytsenko says:

Thanks, that was very useful. Well done!!!

PoorBoy Online says:


DBS Photography says:

Can you maybe idk, do one for just pictures

Wayne Muhittin says:

held heaps thanks .

Kevin Skye says:

Thank you. Very helpful.

Luan van Pletsen says:

Thank you! <3

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