Final Cut Pro X Tutorial: Disintegration Effect

In this Final Cut Pro X tutorial, I show you how to create a disintegration effect!

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What is “Filmmaking Simple?”

A place for you to learn about visual effects and editing in Final Cut Pro X and After Effects in a simple way! The goal is to have you learn something new every week, and have fun in the process.



◢ Microphone: Blue Yeti
◢ Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X // After Effects
◢ Computer: Macbook Pro – 2013 version


Ronan McGurn says:

make an updated portal effect please

Reggie Miller says:

that’s a real nice tutorial

Katt Productionz C says:

Keep ’em coming, kid! Excellent stuff.

BillyonaireTV says:


Belva says:

7ty commen5

Eden Taylor says:

This is great, thanks!

Talent Dance TV says:

thank for all the effects tutorials

XxDuffnotfuddxX says:

this guy saw Avengers 3

musicmachineplayer31 says:

Well done great video

pablo9364 says:

Good clever video. I’ll follow this along and try it myself .

HaloShady Mations says:

Cooool Intro effect/Final Product!

Team BBD says:

do a intro tutorial!

Omni Combs says:

can you do that with smoke i want to do that for my video.

Henrybigbelly says:

mr. stark… I don’t feel so good.

Clean Hustle says:

these videos are really well put together my friend!! Ive watched quite a bit of them too! Good job boss

Vincenzo LIGUORI says:

Nice video but just a question: when I click on full screen button (right bottom corner) to draw the mask my video start and I cannot sign the points of my mask. 
How can I fix that? Maybe I can set any property of FCPX?

潘斌 says:

Great God video



Veronica TV says:

you predicted infinity war!

Acoustic Silk says:

dang what song is that in the background? Sounds dope

FizzyPlayer Gaming says:

I don’t feel so good mr.stark

HaloShady Mations says:

ugh I cant do this… I use imovie

KAD3N_04 says:


TopPro Editor says:

Nice Video…..Where do you get the embers and dust clouds etc?

Cathy028 art says:

FILM I think it would be cool if u take a GAME and make it look like ur jumping INTO IT 😉 ALSO I would love to know how u do it maybe u can do a video on that plz plz 😉 AWESOME VIDEOS AND TY FOR SHOWING US HOW U DO THIS ☆♡☆♡☆♡

Nathan Ferros says:

I dont feel so good….

Teddy Eliades says:

Did you predict the ending of Infinity war 3 months early?

Mr.GlowTM says:

Nice Intro!

Önder Çatalkaya says:

Thanos effect

psysword says:

tedious though. great effect

David L. Walker says:


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