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How to use Final Cut Pro X Tutorial for Beginner Youtubers

In this video I give a tutorial on how to use Final Cut Pro X for beginners – specifically aimed at beginner youtubers more than general video editors.

Let me know if you want more of these kinds of videos!

I talk about :

Managing your Videos in Final Cut Pro X
– Creating Libraries / Events / Projects
– Using Keywords to organise Clips
– Favouriting and Rejecting clips
– Creating To Do lists with Markers in FCP
– Adding notes to your video clips

Timeline Editing
– Using basic fcp keyboard shortcuts
– Basic Colour Grading

I know I said that I would talk about adding text and overlaying videos for effect but the video got a litttleee too long so I’ll save that for the next video!


Libraries / Events / Projects:

Apple Manuals:


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JoshG says:

Great Video! Stepping up my editing from iMovie to Final Cut. Thanks

AlexisJamesBitch says:

i loved the video!! i would love to see a video on how to export your video to youtube and also a little more in depth on how to enhance the color of your video

BANANAKIMCHI 바나나김치 says:

Really informative! Thank you so much for a great video- really appreciate it! 🙂

zombie-nator96 says:

This is a very useful video, Thank you

GIFF India says:

Hi, you are looking very beauty which light did you there?

Robin Hahn says:

Looking forward to your next video. If you upgrade to FCP 10.3, you’ll find some amazing additional features you’ll almost definitely be using, A LOT! lol
I do like your choice for colour tones: very soft and friendly. Going to be looking into LUTs for FCP as well… so much to explore, so little time!

xlegendaryfashionx says:

this is so helpful! thank you for this video! (also, your makeup is perrrrrfect!! <3)

ratwah ; says:

god bless you for making this

Ricardo Mendes says:

Awesome tutorial! THANK YOU for making this video!

NanoGamingHD says:

What camera do you use

djceejaay says:

Your accent is dope!

Rachel Live says:

Do you color correct every single clip or can you apply the settings to multiple clips at once? Very helpful video by the way! Thank you ☺️

Pihla Lindholm says:

Can you recommend some good free video editing apps for beginners?

Annaland says:

Wow you’re so organized with your fcp.. that’s awesome! I just create a project and import all the footage and GO hahah I need to get better with that!

Emily Edberg says:

Is final cut pro free on windows???

andreaXandrea says:

What background music are you using in this? I love it!

babosnowflake says:

how do you apply the same color correction to all the clips?

Hayley Smith says:

Could you please tell me how to make it so anyone can comment on my videos without me having to approve them? thanks heaps :))

Habiba Carter says:

Thank you so much for this

Natalie Martensen says:

oooommmmg THANK YOU. This is exactly what I was looking for!!

Beauty Style Spirit says:

So glad I found your channel! I have a YouTube channel and I’m switching from ScreenFlow to Final Cut Pro X and am totally lost!!! Can’t wait to learn from you! Subscribed!

The unapologetic Mom says:

YES!!!! Saving these video! I have been locking for videos like this to help with editing 🙂 THANK YOU!!

bobbiheartmusic says:

Learned a lot thank you!!!!!

Jellybeamers says:

the question i always wonder about editing – when you have a voice-over to something, do you record the VO after or before editing? how do you get the timing to match etc?

Puppy Lover Cat Lover says:

my mom is really supported about me making videos! and im going to get final cut pro and these tips will help!

Peter McCaslin says:

hhhh I can’t concentrate on what you’re saying

mikajeem says:

Seriously so helpful! Thank you so much xx

Kaywra says:

What’s the best way to fix over exposed video, while still being able to maintain the saturation? My first video is OK for being a first, but it definitely needs some love

Mohammed Al Zaabi says:

Thank you for your nice totorial Vidiyours =P

Jellybeamers says:

this was super helpful!

Andrew Doubleu says:

Hey there! Awesome video and super helpful!

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