Final Cut Pro X Tutorial: Hologram Effect Updated

In this Final Cut Pro X tutorial, I show you how to make a hologram effect. New Videos Every Friday! Subscribe For The Latest Tutorials!


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What is “Filmov?” (formerly Filmmaking Simple)

A place for you to learn about visual effects and editing in Final Cut Pro X and After Effects in a simple way! The goal is to have you learn something new every week, and have fun in the process.


◢ Microphone: Blue Yeti
◢ Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X // After Effects
◢ Computer: Macbook Pro – 2013 version


gogovitch66 says:

Nice skillz! 🙂

Conner Blodgett says:

this is LEGIT!!!!!!

Jordan Chin says:

can you please send me the template Great vid and please dont stop these help alot

Dev da Savage! says:

Do motion track

Tyler Heart says:

Your super dope bro

Alpine Skies says:

Gotta say Im impressed kid, I’m 35 and I’m nowhere near knowing how to do this stuff.

real trends_ says:

Do you think you can also make a video about how to do the terminator eye look. How everything is red and everything scans and stuff.

The Young Filmmaker says:

You should watch Digital Blast! He does some sweet tutorials!

rose - says:

so cool!! will definitely try this

Michael Contreras says:

Oh yuuuuhhhhhhhh

Arizona Ghostriders says:

Great effect! I will try it.

Ryan Lesko says:

Wooooah that’s a $130 rubber mat for your keyboard

AllaroundPC says:

How can i key frame it?

ProductionCrate says:

Dude this looks awesome, nice work

ISMCollin says:

Hey man I love your content and I really learn a lot for my movies. Thanks a lot, keep ’em coming

Todd Waddington says:

dang, I”m old.  You go boy!

real trends_ says:

Can you make a film with this effect and also the energy ball effect please. I really love your effects and I hope you can make a short action film to demonstrate your skills and cool effects. Thanks 🙂

Guerilla PSYOPS says:

Very impressive. Well done.

Compass North says:

I am very impressed. Keep up this interest in film editing. I’m sure if you did, I will see your name on the big screen as a editor.Very well done.

Magic Bolt says:

Big fan of your work. I am currently working on a web series. Could you show how to do a texting effect in Final Cut X. Such as the bubble and letters appear. That would be a huge help!

Sasatoes says:

aww you look so tired.. get some sleep <33

Sundaram Kuchipudi says:

Nice Work

David Guevara says:

Can you edit the hologram? As in change and adding your own image or words to it?

your son says:

Can you do a tutorial on how To download videopad on Windows 8

Niiiqa says:

Gel ur hair pls onse or hairspray u lock so ugly dont take it mean

Canito La administración says:

You are the best! thanks for what you do!

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