Final Cut Pro X Tutorial: Magic Effects!

In this Final Cut Pro X tutorial, I show you how to create a magic blast. New Videos Every Friday! Subscribe For The Latest Tutorials!
=Stock Footage & Plugins=
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longLashboy - Danova MS says:

editing like a pro.. good job

907Games says:

great video man! Subscribed!

yvan herrera says:

how can i contact you directly?? do you offer services ? like if i want something done in final cut?

TheKairuzSAdvance says:

Really good, you deserve more subscribers

Miaforever156 says:

final cut pro is basically iMovie for Macs

gkid182 says:

Man you are really good with this software. Enjoyed the video

Trust Me TV says:


Single Mama Studio says:

Push play after you finish it… I wanted to see the final result

Macintosh says:

How old are you?

J White says:

Are the couch hit and other effects built in the software?

Yan Bony says:

Hey I really like your your video. Can you show me how to get the fire effect??

VPM production says:

Yes every body the effect come in a package you can buy on Average price around 30$ and 60$.

Kenia Khalil says:

id this only computer

Thomas Pyzalski says:

Start laughing, you are to serious. Good stuff to see from you

Mustafa Kamran says:

is this software free☹️

Tamás Rácz says:


xSharonmacy says:

Which MacBook do u use

Nacho Jauregui says:

Can you put the effects on the description?

MegaGalaxy100 says:

LOL, ladies operating computers. One of my cousin works at an animation studio but I don’t have enough courage to make fun of her. I wonder how girls’ soft hands do those VFX tricks with scientifically proven smaller brains than MEN.

Matthew Afrifa says:

hi . is mac air good for final cut pro x?

Dark Humour says:

thanks alot, now i can edit Jews being incinerated


That’s amazing – How do you export it in good quality?


what version is this FCPX ? please

Ariani Dwi Puteri says:

this is really cool tutorial! thanks 😀

xothravens says:

where do you get the plugins you use for the effects? like the fire itself?

Tea-Wrecks says:

i like it, thanks, but your stock footage website isn’t working for me, do you have any other sources?

Philip Thomas says:

Was just wondering im editing a video and is there a way to merge the videos together without have them just jump to the next scene I want to be able to fade in and out thanks

Noahcarter Gaming says:

there is a trick u don’t have to pay for it

GV Sound Factory says:

Nice video..Thanks

Mizzie says:

I’m gonna use this tutorial but tbh the beginning is sorta cringey

Ian And Zoey KidsTv says:

really cool video, are the pre key effects already on final cut pro or your using a second program?

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