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Final Cut Pro X tutorial by Zach King. This training video will cover the basics and beginner overview for Apple’s new software. Some of the topics that are covered in this training include – setting up a project, the browser, importing footage, syncing separated audio, filters, the inspector, editing in the storyline, and the color wheel basics.

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Hannah4lifexx says:

How do u download it on a I pad

Adam Gell says:

Excellent video. I have a question…..after i have dragged the clips below in my storyline,, let’s say i now want to extract clips from the storyline to refine my storyline to a shorter version or more pertinent clips. Can I still keep the original storyline and drag a new one above it, in essence making 2 in case i want to choose..or is there a simpler way? hopefully i am clear.

Floridagarage says:

What type of microphone are you using ?

JennethD1 says:

Oh man no WAY! You’re that same guy who’s done all those cool video-editing magic videos!! I’ve been looking for your channel!!! * subscribe subscribe subscribe *

iBakSteen says:



Who’s watching in 2016


i have final cut X and imovie. they both seem the same, whats the difference?

Oscar Guzman says:

Is after effects the same

Karl .Walsh says:


lego pie says:


Dive says:

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Rhiannon LaRee says:

This really helped me out a lot! I’m not a beginner at editing but Final Cut Pro just had so much going on I got lost and wasted time on Videos! Anyways thank you again!

Pepe Le Pew says:

Anybody uses wondershare here?

Limo Date says:

= *Learning Apple Final Cut Pro X Training Video get learn here! .*

-Julius Dahl- says:

Elsker det her!:-D:-D:-D

Sword Saints says:


WizziPizzi Channel says:

i wanna live with you

Adam Gell says:

Hello Thinh

Thank you,, but i can’t open link

Harvest Creative Media says:

I have a problem with exported DVD file quality. This problem is not only with one project. I use FCP 7 and export mov file with the same setting as timeline footage and then convert into compressor but somehow I am getting very low quality DVD files. I have already checked the bit rate and the other settings.
This problem only started when I formatted my HDD and reinstalled the software. I also tried Toast 11 and Compressor 4.1 which are also giving me the same quality.
It seems like the mov file is making a problem but it’s a high quality video file when I play. I also use ProRess 422 HQ file which is also giving me the same quality for DVD.
Please help me.

1amelka says:

this is got to be the hardest program to use like ever! Learning curve skyscraper high

ten8goa says:

Can you make it look like planes fly into buildings even if they don’t with this product??

Manu Krishna says:

can we merg together a cut we made

Elijah Eskin says:

when I sync my audio to my video it plays a mix of both of them. How to I make that go away?

Qui Nox says:

Thanks to help with that

David Watts says:

Brilliant when I get used to the american accent! looking forward to no 2 and 3
Dave watts

KitKat Kreationz says:

can you do green screen with this?

J Sevillo says:

That was really helpful and thorough. Thank you very much! 

kmv'swidicodac solares says:

cool man double tumps up i want to lorn more!

Final Cut Army says:

Whats up guys! If you are starting out with Final Cut Pro X, or just want some tips on video effects, then please take a look at my channel! (I only have 2 videos since I started this channel 5 days ago. But dont worry i upload videos every week!) I would love you to join the army 😉

Shantanu Kulkarni says:

Is Final cut better or is it Premiere Pro in 2017 ?I use Premiere pro CS6

Small Slardibartfast says:

I’m looking for a tutorial on how to add a video to the bumper/opener effect “keynote” i can’t find anything anywhere.
Because when you say “keynote” people think you mean the program. 

Please somebody help me? 🙁

seth says:

How do you make the gun look like your really shooting it like movies?

Edward Schlaghecke says:

‘Fina Cut Tutorial’ AMAZING ENGLISH

A G says:

isnt he a viner?

Alex Yallop says:

Great video! I am now going to get my mouse VERY dirty indeed! Thank you I have subscribed…

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